Metro Man: Top 3 Tech Picks In Menswear


This month Metro Man has selected several items from the leading companies that use technology in their designs, fabrics and manufacturing to produce amazing garments for today’s man.


#3: Showers Pass — Body-Mapped Baselayers

This company originated out of a desire and need for creating clothing for cyclists to get out and ride their bikes in all kinds of weather. I’d like to extend their brand to all athletes who enjoy the great outdoors. I chose their Body-Mapped Baselayer due to its lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric and seamless body construction. This undergarment moves with the body and the material breaths to vent excess body heat from the areas where men perspire the most. It’s perfect for riding, running and exercising in every climate. I am a fan of the thumb loops.

Note: They also have apparel for active women.



#2: Cadence — Raw Denim Jeans

Founded in 2003 by Dustin Klein, this clothing company too was formed and inspired by the cycling community and messenger culture. It has a large following of those on wheels but I chose their Raw Denim Jeans because of the superior quality, tapered fit and functionality for men on-the-go. The material is strong, durable and made in the U.S.A. Other interesting features include a built in reflector patch for cyclists and the seat is reinforced so the life of the pants will outlast regular jeans. I like the way they look and feel. Durable.

Shop here:


#1: Ministry of Supply — Aero Pants & Aurora Vest

Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Kit Hickey and Aman Advani merged technology and styled clothing before their encounter at MIT in 2010. Their mission for creating state-of-the-art apparel is a burgeoning enterprise that goes beyond sportswear and into the office and boardroom. I chose their Aero Dress Slacks because of the technology behind the fabric; utilizing photogrammetric strain analysis these pants move with the body, allowing full maneuverability. The pants remain presentable even after a long business trip and/or brief rainstorm — the fabric is water-resistant and they maintain their style without ironing.


The Aurora Vest is the perfect garment for active men. The lining is coffee-infused for odor absorbency. The fabric is breathable and weatherproof. The thermally efficient synthetic insulation keeps the body warm. It’s lightweight and slim so men can wear it under a jacket or coat. Equally important, it looks fantastic.

Shop online:

Fashion and technology make a perfect pair.

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