Metro Man: Top 5 Picks For His Bathroom

The Times in the UK reported this week that ‘hipsters’ are rebelling against the metrosexual form of skincare/hygiene and adopting a ‘Neanderthal’ fad — seldom bathing, no haircuts and negligent care for personal appearance: In one word, unkempt. Allegedly, young British men have shunned skincare and grooming products, deodorant and cologne.

We believe this trend will fade faster than the handlebar mustache, bushy beard and cavemen clones.

BNNYC is constantly in search of the latest and most useful products to test their claims and report the results; we then pass along our findings to our valued readers and social media audience. Following are this seasons suggestions, and hopefully men will discover that grooming and personal hygiene have a direct correlation with their character, desirability and sex lives.

Metro Man’s must-haves for serious men who understand the importance of hygiene and grooming.


#5: Enessa delivers a collection that includes a seaweed bio-exfoliate, replenishing moor mask, anti-aging moisturizer with 20 spf and our favorite, the seaweed aftershave gel. This line uses ingredients like coconut oil and organic aloe vera, red seaweed and bladderwrack, gingko biloba and roobios leaf extracts that are rich in minerals. It also includes bergamot and orange essential oils that are highly antiseptic and calming.

While the mask is a little oily and the color of tar, the exfoliant is this month’s pick for cleaning out the pores and rejuvenating the skin. The aftershave gel helped to sooth razor bumps.

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4: Gentlemen’s Tonic Mayfair has a body wash made with babassu and bergamot. They offer many products for skin, shaving and hair but this is our choice for the month. The tonic is made with vegetable glycerine, honey and wheat extracts to soften and condition the skin while ginger and menthol will leave you and your skin energized. The fragrance is clean and masculine. There is nothing unmasculine about a clean body.



3: AXE White Label Dry Spray. We can’t imagine any man leaving home or the gym without applying deodorant or antiperspirant — it’s hygiene 101. This month we pick the AXE White Label Dry Spray. What sets it apart from their other products: Degree Motionsense Men and Dove Dry Spray is its effectiveness, unique pop-up twist cap and the alluring scent that lasts up to 48 hours. We recommend this for all men but especially the young man who needs to feel more confident after working out and on date night.

Tip: It also helps to spray it in sneakers and gym bags.

Discover Axe White Label:


2: Wen Six Thirteen Cologne. Chaz Dean’s creation, Wen, has made a major impact on the haircare industry for almost a decade; he is the go-to guy for many Hollywood celebrities. Most recently he is branching out into men’s products including this cologne. We chose it because of the fragrances unisex appeal. Based on ingredients that include lavender, Italian bergamot and Egyptian basil, the scent is perfect for males or females, night or day. Men should also understand the women genetically have a more keen sense of smell. A spray after a shower can go a long way. You catch our drift.

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1: Arbonne RE9 Advanced for Men. No man should exit the home without applying a moisturizer containing a sunscreen every day. Even in the fall, the sun’s rays are damaging to the epidermis. While it’s great to bask in Indian Summer, the negligence of moisturizing and protecting the skin is beyond barbaric. There is nothing cool about melanoma. We normally promote an SPF of 30 or higher, this product has an SPF factor of 20 and that is better than wearing no protection at all.

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While this trend in Great Britain is headed back to Paleolithic times, we hope that all men will approach their grooming regimen differently by taking care of themselves no matter what the times dictate. Healthy skin and hair take proper diet and maintenance. Smelling and looking good are nutrients for the soul and appreciated by the people (Homo sapiens) around you.

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