Metro Man: Top 5 T-Shirts for Spring

With the warmer weather hitting the streets, men too will be hitting the pavement dressed down to their t-shirts. This month we put together a list of some of the leading Ts based on quality, style and comfort. In a sea of t-shirts, the companies that reached or surpassed our criteria include Spreadshirt, Everyday California, Cedella Marley for Hard Rock Cafe, RibbedTee and Boxercraft.

Here is what we discovered.


#5: RibbedTee created the Evo Tencel t-shirt that is so lightweight, functional and soft that we had to include it on our list. This t-shirt is a must-have for the professional man to wear under his favorite dress shirts and formalwear; it not only keeps the body dry but also protects the garment. The v-neck style comes in white or grey and the fabric is so sheer that it practically disappears.

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#4: Spreadshirt is an eco-friendly company and their premium line is made with 100% cotton with a superior quality that optimizes the garments for printing. We chose the jet-black color from the collection for its deep hue and noted the t-shirt sustainability for printing, screening and embroidering the wearers favorite quote, design or logo.

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#3: Boxercraft is an out-of-the-box t-shirt company with far too many styles that we like to list. The colors are amazing and the quality ranked well above many of the competitors — their Athletic Gold Crew, Navy Quarterback Tee and entire collection of Home Run Henley are a necessity for every guy’s wardrobe regardless of age or size. (We will be reporting more on Boxercraft in the coming months).

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#2: Fresh from the West Coast, we recently discovered Everyday California. This company created a laid-back brand that soars beyond the surfing, skateboarding and streets. Their designs evoke everything from nature with a human twist and a engulfs a back-to-basics brand that honestly taps into today’s male. We guarantee that you will be seeing their shirts this Spring/Summer all the way from the surf to the parks to the highest heights (red carpet).

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#1: Cedella Marley is the first-born daughter of music legend, Bob Marley. It is the 34th shirt in the Signature Series at the Hard Rock Cafe. We chose it for not only the quality of fabric, amazing illustration and inspiration on the soul but also due to its historic influence on world music. The t-shirt is available at all Hard Rock Cafes for a limited time. A percentage of sales goes to the charity, City of Hope, a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other threatening diseases.

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