Metro Man: Top 7 Hot Picks for August


This month we selected some coveted and exceptional products that perfectly fit the season, style and grooming needs of every man in the metro area and beyond. Here are our top 7 picks.


#7: Regenica makes a rejuvenating dual serum for skincare. We tried the twin chamber blending apparatus for over ten days with its combination of advanced copper, peptides, amino acids, anti-oxidant, and plant-based extracts. The results were noticeable and we saw the slight disappearance of sun damage.

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#6: We discovered Sunzee while biking over the Brooklyn Bridge. A fellow athlete with no baggage stopped in the middle of the trek and caused me to brake. A fight almost ensued but I saw him squeeze what appeared to be a bright yellow wristwatch and then rub his face. My frustration quickly defused to curiosity and I asked him what he was doing. He showed me his wrist and explained that it contained sunscreen and that he didn’t have to dig in a bag to find it. You simply squeeze the wristband and out comes a dollop of the 40 spf cream. The sunscreen cartridges are replaceable.

You know we are sunscreen fanatics. This item is in prototype and we will be sure to revisit it when they launch.

Polo Blue

#5: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue was recently released and we immediately fell in love with the scent. With top notes of bergamot, cardamom, marine accord, subtle mid notes of blue orris accord, basil verbena, clary sage and base notes consisting of vetiver, suede accord, patchouli, woods, the cologne is fresh, masculine and conjures up the perfect beach day.
It’s the perfect addition to date night.

Polo Blue is available at fine department stores or at


#4: It’s “knot” all t-shirts and shorts for city men in August. There are days and nights that men have to pump up their attire with a little color and formality. We chose Knot Society this month for their plaids, stripes and bright colors. Their skinny ties are the perfect choice for parties in the Hamptons, business lunch in midtown or date night at your favorite bistro from the Bronx to Brooklyn.

Check them out here:


#3: Mavericks Protect, Wash and Rebuild are an absolute must this summer. These products are used in a very simple 3-step system. In the morning, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Then apply Protect. At night, use the wash on your face to remove away dirt and grime from living in the city, commuting, etc. After that, apply the Rebuild to kickstart overnight repair and achieve the best results. You will notice a difference after the first week. We did.

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#2: We recently discovered WILL Oils and tested their numbers 06, 07 and 08. This month we start with 06 and will report on the other oils in the months to come. 06 is a body oil noted as Warm Up. It’s made with nutmeg and galbanum. Galbanum-yielding plants grow plentifully on the slopes of the mountain ranges of northern Iran. Hippocrates used it in making medicine. We found the combination of ingredients, relaxing, calming and help improve the skins appearance; it hydrates the epidermis. We also discovered that the oil brings out a shine and brilliancy to our scalp and hair. We love this product.

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#1: Stuart & Lau is a must-have brand that is ultra chic yet casual. This month they released their Tobacco (red lining and tan leather trim) colors. The desire for a smarter briefcase came to fruition through a design philosophy that believes a man’s daily companions should reflect a modern, urban reality rooted in both mobility and form.

This line is a concept developed between co-founders Matthew Stuart and Jimmy Lau’s and their respective homes in New York and Hong Kong. We find the outcome to be not only superior in color, design and functionality but also a necessity for every Metro Man for weekend escapes and the return to work in September.

Purchase here:

Make sure you read Metro Man every month for the latest and revisited products that help every guy achieve the best in health, fashion and grooming.

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