Metro Man: Our Top International Grooming Products

This month we researched several products for men that truly help a grooming regimen due to the natural ingredients from their specific regions. Following are our leading selections for the change of seasons.


Sabon Body Scrub Gentleman — First of all, it smells and feels amazing: a natural mix of Dead Sea salts and natural oils. Even after the first application the skin is exfoliated, nourished and revitalized. The salt from the Dead Sea scrubs the grime away and opens the pores; the oils from the Brazilian rainforest protect and rejuvenate the skin. We recommend using this scrub in the bath as opposed to the shower. The process is easy and you will notice the results immediately.

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Made with eucalyptus and Argan oil, Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap is like no other soap that we’ve tried and tested. It’s noteworthy and very different. The rich minerals found in Africa and combined with olive oil detoxify the skin. The jet-black coloring might be a little intimidating in a white towel bath but it all dissolves and when used with their exfoliating glove, it creates a unique bath experience and makes it easy to apply — think engine grease that nourishes the skin. The scent from the eucalyptus is relaxing and opens the pores as well as the nasal passages. This is a must-have especially after an intensive work out.

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For those who work hard and play hard, we’ve discovered an Australian remedy for the long days and party nights that reflect on your face. Auspect Exfol + is a serum that gives your mug a better appearance without the trauma. You apply it before sleeping and it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) that remove the dirt, grime and accumulation of surface skin cells that make men look tired, aged and depleted. While genetics, water, good nutrition and proper rest are the best remedy for youthful skin, this product is worth a try.

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We will be reviewing more products from these and new companies to hit the market in the coming months.

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