Metro Man: Top Products to Help Men Feel, Look and Smell Better


This month we researched several products for hair, skin, health and grooming. Our findings are tried and tested and include some brands that you possibly haven’t heard of yet. Our list includes: HydroPeptide, LifeCell, Amarte, John Varvatos, Paul Mitchell, Chassis, and Arbonne Essentials.

Here is what we discovered:


Arbonne Essentials Fiz Sticks help guys with alertness, cognitive performance and help reduce fatigue. The bubbly drinks are refreshing and a great solution to the afternoon slump — healthier than caffeine, sugar infused sports drinks, soda, etc. The individual powder packets contain energy boosting vitamins, antioxidants, green tea, guarana, and nutrients that are good for the body and mind. We recommend the pomegranate flavor.

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We recently took the LifeCell challenge. The all-in-one anti-aging treatment claims to turn back the clock on the epidermis and erases wrinkles in 61 seconds. We proceeded with skepticism. First of all, the oldest wrinkles are on our hands so we applied a dab of the LifeCell to the front index finger of the right hand, massaged the cream in to activate the ingredients and waited 61 seconds. The comparison was surprising and evident. Next stop is the brow, eyes and laugh lines. You don’t have to take our word for it, take the challenge with a 30-day trial. Many male celebrities like Nathan Fillion, Tim Allen, James Remar and George Lopez agree with us.

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For gents that are noticing more hair in the tub, shower and on the brush or comb, check out Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-thinning by Paul Mitchell. This three-step home care system stimulates, strengthens and regenerates hair. Each product contains a Regeniplex blend that helps increase the density of the hair to create a fuller head of hair with stronger follicles. We are still in the process of testing but give it two thumbs up for scent.

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HydroPeptide focuses its mission on peptide technology (Peptides are molecules made up of two or more amino acids linked together by the same peptide bonds found in proteins. They are listed in many better skin care products, and they perform important functions in the skin.) HydroPeptide’s formulas deliver these in order to best serve the skin’s needs. This month we give them kudos for their invigorating body wash. It smoothes, invigorates, hydrates and exfoliates with a scent that rejuvenates and smells masculine. We will review their other products like 5X Power Peel and Aquaboost in the coming months.

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Amarte Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum also made our list this month. The products ability to retain moisture is superior to other serums on the market but what really struck our fancy was the amazing scent from one of the products ingredients: cucumber. This serum lives up to its claims.



Chassis 5-in1 shower primer made our list this month. They claim to be the first and only men’s care line specifically formulated for better performance “down there”. Their products use witch hazel, aloe vera, beeswax, pumpkin seeds, baking soda, hops, etc. We chose this product for the clean scent and general idea.

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John Varvatos just released a new cologne called Artisan Blu. We’ve reported this many times before — women have a much more keen sense of smell than men. That being said, it’s always to a guys favor to put on a little cologne before leaving the home. This scent made our list this month because of its aromatic citrus fragrance. Here is how we break it down: Top notes: bergamot, French lavender, chayote, basil, bitter orange. Middle notes: Egyptian geranium, palmarosa, Florentine iris, orange blossom absolute, French clary sage. Base notes: patchouli, cedarwood, parasol pine, tamarisk, pistachio tree resin. Perfect to wear on date night.

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