Metro Man: Top Scent Picks for Grads by Degree


Kenneth Cole Mankind Hero exudes masculinity with a scent that conjures up fresh mountain air and the great outdoors. The notes include citrus, rich woods and vanilla. Let this Graduate know he’s your Hero. We think it’s the perfect scent for Sports Medicine or Ecology and Agriculture Alumni. Note: The company just launched an Anniversary version of the Mankind Hero fragrance, available in a new 6.7oz. bottle. For every purchase of a specially-labeled MANKIND HERO fragrance, $2 is donated to the Big Brothers / Big Sisters of America.


Vilhelm Parfumarie is a niche fragrance house with headquarters in New York. For Grads this season we selected their Morning Chess with its notes of bergamot, Tuscan leather, patchouli and black amber. The perfect scent for the Intellectual in a cap and gown and a Bachelor of Science diploma in hand.

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Curve Black by Liz Claiborne made our list for its blend of bergamot, nutmeg, violet leaves and sandalwood. We also like their #CurveYourReality campaign with social media superstar and filmmaker Mark Dohner. This scent is perfect for the casual grad with a degree in art, education or social work.

Curve Black is available in most department stores.

Uomo is the enlightened fragrance by Salvatore Ferregamo with the simplistic if not banal title. The “man” for this scent has to be rather serious and steadfast in his pursuit of life goals — a CPA or mathematician comes to mind. Hold your head high and your diploma even higher with the notes of black pepper, cardamom and bergamot as well as tiramisu, orange blossom, sandalwood and tonka bean.


Alford & Hoff released a scent called No. 2 — perhaps in the spirit of just using numbers and following in the shadow and footsteps of Chanel. We chose this cologne for the super smart and those going after their Masters and Doctorates. The tonalities include citrus, a woody base and as they like to say “reflective of an athletic lifestyle, effortless and masculine.”

You can purchase this cologne at most department stores including Norstrom.

Our final note is that all men should understand that women have a stronger sense of smell. A little cologne never hurt and can only help your future success.

Congrats to all graduates this year!

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