Metro Man: Uncommonly Good Stuff

Here are some gifts and stocking stuffers that will make a gent’s eyes light up like a blazing Christmas tree. Enjoy!

Hex bags for men provide everything from device sleeves to luggage, messenger bags, backpacks, totes, duffels and even wallet-iPhone cover hybrids. We love the Hex Drake Messenger Bag because it’s sleek and not unwieldy, it’s stylish yet still informal, and it’s truly built to last. Visit the impressive lineup at

Gadget hipsters, ComicCon fans (like Jimmy Kimmel and Anderson Cooper), tech gurus and anyone into brain wave technology will appreciate the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears from NeuroSky. Perched on the crown of your head, they accurately reflect your myriad moods and thoughts, either perking up when you’re excited, wiggling when you’re in the zone, or drooping when you’re relaxed. They’re attention-grabbers at parties, bars, and nightclubs. Choose from different ear styles, including devil horns at

Another gift for the tech-inclined or a frequently traveling professional is the NetZero 4G Hotspot, which is a device that protects your information by connecting privately to the Internet wherever you roam. Access the Internet with your own private hot spot in more than 80 U.S. cities;

Some of your favorite designers have created ready-made device covers at Uncommon (, including unique designs from Gamago and Paul Frank. You can find snakeskin and other animal prints, and even customize your phone cover with a favorite photo for the New Year or Valentine’s Day. Check out the Menswear section and consider the gift card option.

Your briefs should be as uncommon as you are, and that’s where the Candi Factory Man Briefs come in handy. Proudly made in Toronto, they features whimsical and strategically-placed graphics such as a banana, crossword puzzle, moose, stars, strips, fingers and more in breathable microfiber that won’t fade or shrink. Order all of them at

Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony Collection of Polo fragrance for men can be personalized (order quickly for holiday, plan ahead for Valentine’s Day, or simply stamp your own initials on a bottle). Add your name, pick your color, and you’ve made it your own. Find it at

The GoSwype Microfiber Cleaning Cloth would be the kind of practical, useful stocking stuffer that’s both appreciated and put to good use. They remove 98% of chemical and microbial contamination, and can be used on phones, iPads, and other device screens. Pick them up at

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