Metro Man: What’s in His Bath This Month?

American Crew has a wonderful line of hair cair products and recently released a new cologne called Win. This month we selected the American Crew Defining Paste. For a sleek, celebrity style often seen on Johnny Depp, Jake Gyllenhall, Idris Elba and other leading men. This product will help you achieve the perfect look for a formal occasion in the spirit of the Great Gatsby.

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You beard! Beard Guyz provide all the tools and products for guys still sporting all that facial hair, Beard Butter with Grotein 20 will help you shape and maintain your look. It’s non-greasy and helps promote a fuller and thicker beard. Ingredients include mango and coco butter. It also includes nut-related ingredients so you are forewarned if you have allergies.

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Van Der Hagen offers an array of glycerin bar soaps. This month we chose the color and fragrance free bar. It lathers well and provides a gentle clean and gives men the option of sporting cologne without a conflict in scents.

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Matrix Style Link has a 3-in-one product for men’s hair. This month we feature their Over Achiever — a cream, paste and wax. It spreads like a cream, texturizes like a paste and holds like a wax. The product works on long and short hair but it made our list for the clean, fresh scent.

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Here is something new that we recently discovered for guys who use cologne. Duke Cannon Supply Co. creates a Solid Cologne in three fragrances: Land, Air and Sea. This is specifically made for the traveling man to avoid carrying around liquid brands. They are a concentrated cologne balm. Our favorite this month is Sea — a fresh scent that is not floral. It conjures up life at sea or cruising the globe.

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