Mission Impossible: Gifts for the Man Who’s Difficult to Please


Face the music: guys are simply sick of getting yet another tie they’re not going to wear, another golf gadget that doesn’t actually work, or even worse, that personalized travel mug to match the other three dozen they already have.

Part of the problem is that guys don’t want to tell someone what it is that we really want. The other part of the problem is that we might simply not know what we want. So here is a guide to some of the more unique items available this Holiday season, aimed at satisfying even the most difficult person on your shopping list.

For The Techie:
OQO is the ultimate toy when it comes to electronic gadgetry. It offers unbelievable ‘wow’ factor. This ultra-portable computer comes packed with WiFi, Bluetooth, 30GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM and runs Windows XP Tablet. OQO features a slide out QWERTY keyboard as well as touch screen with a digital pen.


This device is so easy to use that anyone with basic computer knowledge will instantly fall in love with it. And for those who can’t deal with being away from their computer for more than a few minutes…well they’ll be comforted to know that you can slip this gadget in your pocket and forget about it. It is roughly the size of a PDA and offers all the computer power of a laptop. Now how could you have survived without it? Available at www.oqo.com.

For Your Little Brother Going Through His Latest Rebellion:
Relix is offering bracelets that are actually made from the guitar strings of some of the world’s most popular musicians!


What’s better than buying an actual piece of music history and showing your nephew that you’re still cool? How about that the profits go to charities personally selected by the donating artist. Now that’s cool! Available at www.relix.com/wearyourmusic

For The Oenophile:
The Wine Enthusiast Tasting Kit is a very simple way to show that you know what your favorite amateur sommelier would really appreciate. It’s also an excuse to get invited to their next wine tasting party! Available at www.wineenthusiast.com

is a very simple way to show that you know what your favorite amateur sommelier would really appreciate. It’s also an excuse to get invited to their next wine tasting party! Available at
So You Have An Excuse To Play With It Yourself:
Lego Mindstorms might just be the best thing to happen to toys since…well Legos. You have the ability to build anything you can possibly imagine, just like the Lego’s from your days as a kid. But, since is the digital age, you’re now able to program your latest creation to move!


Mindstorms even has sensors for your newly designed robot that allows it to see and hear. These are a far cry from the yellow and blue blocks that housed our miniature people in their miniature towns. Available at: www.mindstorms.com
For that big client:
Hommage razor…it’s sleek, it’s hip and it’s not cheap. This razor screams luxury and elegance. Made from highly polished stainless steel, the Hommage Razors even offer magnetic stands that come with a matching badger hair brush designed to deliver the best possible lather.


This razor is truly a status symbol that can bowl any client over. Available at: Barney’s, SAKS Fifth Avenue and other high-end stores.

So now you have a few tie/golf tee/gift certificate options to let the men in your life know they’re worth that little something extra.

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