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Labor Day has come and gone and summer is officially over. Hopefully, your season went fabulously, filled with plenty of fun and play. Frequent sunning, swimming in the ocean or at the pool, outdoor sports, etc., are part and parcel of the summer experience. However, all of these activities mean exposure to the summer elements, and that has its bad side too. You probably remembered to put sunscreen on your face and body, but what about your hair? The combined effects of UV rays, chlorinated or salt water, and free radicals produced from excessive sun exposure can severely damage your hair, leaving it dry, dull, and fragile.

Kérastase, a professional luxury hair treatment line, has products packed with the power of cutting-edge research to address every hair care need. Their Soleil line uses a patented Ceramide ingredient blend to combat the ill effects of the sun, sea, wind, and chlorinated water. Each hair strand is refortified from within while a UV filter prevents further harm from sun exposure. Additionally, pro-vitamin B5 nurtures the damaged, dry hair and a vitamin E derivative acts as a natural anti-oxidant to fight free-radical action. The latter helps maintain color intensity and radiance. Try Bain Après-Soleil repair shampoo followed by Lait Après-Soleil leave-in treatment from the line. If your hair tends to be particularly rebellious and dry, Bain Oléo-Relax should be the shampoo of choice for you instead.

Lait Après-Soleil works wonderfully with a soft supple finish, but if you want to really charge up your style, check the Nutri-Sculpt line of styling treatments from Kératase. Serum Nutri-Sculpt is good for all hair types. The lustrous repair serum envelopes each hair fiber in an invisible microfilm to smooth away imperfections and protect ends from further damage.

But, are summer’s elements the only culprits? What about showering at the gym with that generic, bottled goop? Like most people, I did it on a regular basis – until I started planning this story. The effect combined with summer damage can result in devastatingly dull and dry hair. To restore life and shine, turn to the new Moisturizing Mask from j. f. lazartigue. The pre-shampoo mask is based on an express care system that acts on the hair’s keratin for a smoother finish. It hydrates dry hair as well as dry scalps. Use it once or twice a week, and preferably when you are not in a rush. The mask needs to be left on for ten to twenty minutes to effectively do its work.

Kératase products ($24-$36) are available only through participating consultant salons. To find one near you, phone 877.748.8357. For more information, visit

j.f.lazartigue Moisturizing Mask (8.4 oz, $51) is available at high-end salons and chemists nationwide. For more information, visit or phone 800.359.9345.

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