Was He Naughty or Nice this Year?


This month, the Metro Man Editor goes undercover into Santa’s factory, searching for gift ideas for the men on your list. Following are a few of my naughty or nice discoveries.

The Romantic & Randy Elf

This naughty boy will heat things up in every room with this Anywhere Fireplace — sleek, sexy and portable, they fire-up with eco-friendly ethanol.

If you live in the metropolis and don’t have a real fireplace, this is the next best thing. You can place it on your coffee table or take it out on your terrace, deck or patio. They come in several sizes, designs and even wall units; they cast enough heat to warm-up your space to create, ehem, merriment. You know what I mean (wink).

This is the perfect gift for your firebrand. I give it a naughty + nice sign of approval.

Read more and choose your Anywhere Fireplace @ http://www.anywherefireplaces.com.

Check out The Grommet for this and other amazing gift ideas: http://www.thegrommet.com.

Daddy Warbucks

If the guy on your list is a theater king, here is the perfect gift this season.

Dress Circle Publishing just released Jennifer Ashley Tepper’s “The Untold Stories of Broadway Vol. 1“. This book reveals backstage gossip, tales and tribulations from insiders working in the Broadway trenches: ushers, actors, producers, technicians and more.

Jason Alexander submits his hilarious, if not naughty, prose about how he met Elizabeth Taylor — naked!
It’s available in paperback and eBook forms from Kindle, Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.
Visit: http://www.dresscirclepublishing.com.

This book gets a nice check plus a naughty nod.

Stay Easy Founders: Josh Baker, Joe Rickard & Matt Baker

We 3 Kings of…

Your man wants another tat but he’s running out of un-inked skin space. No worries!
Cover him up with the latest clothing from Stay Easy. This activewear will have him surfin’, skatein’ and stylin’ from Far Rockaway to Nashville to Malibu.

Above we have the founders of SE, modeling some of their clothing line that is making waves from state to state. This actor, drummer and songwriter trio have tapped into the pulse of everything new, cool and hot.

Considering our NYC climate, I suggest hoodies. [What guy doesn’t want a hoody?] If your man fits this check list, surf, roll and rush over to their website: http://stayeasyapparel.com/
Reindeer sizes are special order.

Bark! The Herald Angels Schwing

It takes a special eye, inspiration and commitment to create fashion from a tree. Wood Thumb has done exactly that with this unconventional art. This group of artisans, based in San Francisco, figured out a way to turn reclaimed wood into something new and eye-catching.

If your guy is creative, cleaver and charismatic, here is a gift outside of the box. A necktie made from wood will certainly make a statement. Yes. It’s wood, not wooden. Wood Thumb makes traditional neckwear and more inspired products.

You can find these gifts @ The Grommet or visit here: http://woodthumb.com/

Tie him up nicely.

Your message doesn’t get any more obvious than this pillowcase by Uppercases: naughty on one side, nice on the other. You decide how you want to place it on the bed.

This company makes pillowcases for all seasons, celebrations and holidays and offers personalized messages, names and monograms. They are made with 100% Egyptian cotton and are 300 thread-count. In other words, this is a luxurious way to ruffle his feathers and start a pillow fight.

Check out the choices @ http://uppercases.net/

Judging your guy’s behavior this past year is completely up to you, and the man in the red suit.

Metro Man wishes you and yours a very happy holiday season.

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