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Gentlemen’s Tonic is an international elite men’s grooming outfit based in Mayfair, London’s posh epicenter of fashion, finance, corporate hubs, real estate enterprises, and the world’s most gouging rents. With established markets in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, New Delhi, and Dubai, Gentlemen’s Tonic is another British invasion to last. Tonic’s global vantage point is in character with its polyglot fragrance trio of Honos, Junzi, and Sinsa. Yielded in the Eastern Hemisphere with a western mindset, each unique name and scent profile symbolizes a particular character ethos. Together, they’re all definitively crisp, masculine bouquets encased in clear, modern, well-statured flacons.


Honos is an ancient Roman signifier of a man who is respectable and dignified. As the most alpha of the trifecta, it wears with a deep and enticing sensuality for the contemplative but firm man with solid principles. It demonstrates strength throughout the procession with top notes of black and pink peppers, and a citrus wink of bergamot. Middle tonalities of lavender, clary sage, cinnamon, and nutmeg add balance, as its base of musk, amber, and olibanum dominate the idiosyncrasy. Its earthy character also stands up to time.


Junzi is a Chinese expression that connotes a man of refinement. It exudes a cultivated aura for the gallant type that sets him apart with discernment, knowledge, and savvy. It has a fragrant and airy appeal, but its sophistication lies in the cognac accord added to black pepper, bergamot, and lemon grass. The musk, amber, cedarwood, vetiver, papyrus, and moss delicately add base to Junzi’s well-mannered first impression. Middle accords of rose, clary sage, and lavender fill its heart completing the scent’s integrity.


Sinsa is another eastern counterpart, Korean, for the gentleman. Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s lacking, which makes Sinsa so novel when you experience it. The cologne is the most intrepid of the group with singular and unusual notes. Sinsa has a disarming nose, a citrus front of bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, elemi, and black pepper, easing into its sincerity found in spicy tonalities of jasmine, spice, and cinnamon. Yet Sinsa is the most sensitive of the three, with a lasting vanilla base accord paired with a vagueness of tobacco and earthy compliments of cedarwood, leather, vetiver, amber, and musk. Certainly, it’s a gentleman for the ages.

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Hugo Boss’s, “Boss the Scent,” is the fashion label’s newest authority in men’s cologne. Basing its platform on self-assurance, Boss the Scent wants you to know that it’s a patient player in the art of seduction created with innuendo rather than braggadocio. And Darren Aronofsky is pitching in a short film accessory to the fragrance. Not to mention, the cologne’s newest ambassador is Theo James of the Divergent Series and Downton Abbey. All of this marque attention is saying there’s sex appeal in not what you say but how you say it. The scent’s self-assurance comes from its heart, an exotic fruit from Africa, Maninka, known for its aphrodisiac qualities. And the nose’s spirited ginger bouquet fades slowly into the Maninka legend as the soft base of leather settles slowly into the skin. In other words, Boss the Scent is alive on the inside with a little attitude to spare.

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