Not Your Grandpa’s Aftershave: Fragrance for Father’s Day


Every man should smell good. Period. Any man, woman, child or family pet disagree?

Here is a little history lesson on the choices of cologne for American men. In the past, we had the option of smelling like an old spice, sandalwood or something I can only describe as licorice & root beer — it was splashed on our necks after a haircut in a smoke-filled barbershop. The olfactory road has been long and arduous, but the wisest men have learned and changed our opinions about personal grooming and scent. And we can thank women for that; I believe they insisted on it.

Previous statistics show that most males don’t purchase cologne; women buy it for their men. But this trend is changing too. So here, ladies (and gentlemen), is a tip to put on your gift list for the men in your life.

Comme Une Evidence Homme Green Cologne by Yves Rocher. Inspired by nature and created by perfumer Ursula Wandel, this cologne is made with sage, high-quality mint and green citrus — the scent is fresh, crisp and clean. The woody accord adds depth and a masculine base.

I find the scent refreshing, subtle and even received a compliment from a young lady forced to stand in my personal space while commuting to work on the #2 subway. Guys, it’s our duty to smell good.
This could be the fragrance that celebrates fatherhood as the perfect gift on Dad’s day, Sunday, June 17th.

Yves Rocher’s Green and other products are available at

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