Old Spice: Making Sense of Man Scents


What’s almost as awesome as being a Super Bowl champ? Smelling like one, of course. And leave it to the pros to show you exactly how superior man smell is done. On Tuesday, Old Spice, most commonly known for its sensational web video “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, hosted its Bounty of Scent Event at New York’s Highline Stages to demonstrating how Champion and Danger Zone, the newest weapons against dirt and body order in the Old Spice arsenal, can provide the inspiration to turn even the “average Joe” into an olfactory Adonis.

Yes, now men of all ages can shower themselves in manpower and take a step closer to reaching the hero status of men just like New York Giants Super Bowl star Victor Cruz and pro-athletes-turned-actors-turned-viral-video-icons Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews, who also attended the event with model Chrissy Teigen as guests of honor.

Photo courtesy of Old Spice

During the event, “scent stations” set up throughout the venue where knowledgeable “scentologists” were available to answer any inquiry on the science behind the brand’s latest products. Available in body wash, invisible antiperspirant, and body spray, Champion and Danger Zone have distinct differences in fragrance, both with lingering notes of citrus, spice and exotic oak. In true Old Spice fashion, I would say that Danger Zone evokes the fresh scent of a fearless cowboy who can speak to his horse with his mind and wards off man-eating coyotes with a glance, while Champion is more of the woodsy, rugged lumberjack who can build a log cabin with his bare hands and wrestles elk for fun.

As more men switch from using bar soap to liquid body wash, Old Spice has successfully found a niche in the market for the guy who wants to leave his shower feeling and smelling clean and manly. This proves that a man doesn’t have to smell like he got lost in a secret garden of roses, carnations, and a bunch of other flowers, that to the discriminating male eye look exactly the same, in order to experience the benefit of scented grooming products.

One thing’s clear, Old Spice does not have the ability to turn you into a championship-winning, model-dating, man about town. But with a little confidence and healthy dose of masculine-scented high endurance hygiene, you can at least go from just smelling like a man to smelling like THE MAN.
For more product information, visit http://www.oldspice.com.

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