Peek into Our Metro Man Editor’s Medicine Cabinet


This is my bathroom with the building’s original 1927 sink, tub, tiles and fixtures. The room has been updated with some modern features including a mirrored medicine cabinet.
Speaking of which, everyone knows that guests and friends look inside them. Well, I’m opening up mine this month to show you what’s inside right now.

Growing a beard this winter? Ryan Reynolds is one of the few men who, I believe, looks good with a full beard. The rest of us need to shave, trim and sculpt.

Jack Black recently launched a double-edged razor reticent of something that my great-grandfather used. I’ve heard about shaving cups and horsetail brushes, and they have paired two of them in their Luxury Shave Set. The matching cobalt-blue handles are stylish and this set eliminates gripping pads found on disposable razors.

You should also check out their Beard Lube (sold separately). This gel will help loosen hair follicles for a smoother shave.

Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue for these products or visit:

Natural. Effective. Dependable.

I discovered Burt’s Bees Lip Balm several years ago on a ski trip in Vermont. The only store open, on this particularly late Sunday evening, was a pharmacy/hardware/general store. The checkout counter had a Burt’s Bees display. On a whim, I made a purchase. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Burt and Roxanne make all natural skincare products that started with this lip balm. Burt kept the bees and artist, Roxanne, knew what to do with the wax and honey. Their company has blossomed into something that stings the competition.

With the change of seasons, this is a must-have in my pocket and medicine cabinet.

You can find Burt’s Bees at most apothecaries and online:

John Varvatos ARTISAN was first released a while back and the traditional flask bottle ended up on a shelf in my medicine cabinet. It’s worth revisiting.

This cologne contains a number of intriguing notes, including tangelo, Indian Murraya, and orange blossom. I like the scent because it conjures up good memories and was a nice masculine scent to wear over the holidays.

You can find this cologne at most department stores or visit:

I over indulged last month with all that holiday cheer: wine, eggnog and cocktails. Every medicine cabinet could use a box of BlowFish. These effervescent tablets dissolve in water and relieve all hangover symptoms. They take care of your body aches and give you a boost of energy to feel better. Well, at least until happy hour.

Look for them at your pharmacy or visit

These are my picks for this month. We’ll revisit my medicine cabinet in the future, as I love to share the tried and true as well as discover new products.

Please close the cabinet door when you’re done!

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