Plaids & Colors: The Metro Man Way

Men have always been told to make sure their belt matches their shoes, or to never wear white tube socks with a suit; but what about the rest of the ensemble? Are we to be uninspired, uneventful dressers, only clothing ourselves in the most basic of options? The answer is NO, and if you’re one of the many guys who’ve avoided implementing patterns and color into your wardrobe for fear of looking like a ‘Brady Bunch’ extra, this article is for you.

Boring is out, and making a statement is in! Here are a few trendy yet classic ideas to help you stand out for the right reasons this season.

Plaid Perfection.
This Fall/Winter plaids are in again. While you may still be able to get away with a subtle floral print from the spring and summer, a classic plaid is a look that will suit pretty much anyone. Whether it’s your shirt, trousers, entire suit, tie, or jacket (never do all at once) here are a few looks that infuse plaid into your wardrobe safely while giving you a dash of flair for those dull days.

Burbery, Michael Bastion, Brooks Brothers, Dior Homme

Color me bad… In a good way.
No neon and pastels allowed. When deciding what colors to add to your wardrobe this season, think rich! By rich we mean deep and luxurious colors that can be subtle and bold simultaneously. Whether you want to be subdued or make a statement, these colors will give you just what you need.

Etro, J. Crew, Gap

Hunter Green: You may not be a hunter, but this versatile hue of green will definitely hit all the right targets.

Network, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren

Acai (dark purple): This deep shade of purple screams royalty and confidence. Heads will turn.

J. Crew,, ASOS

Wine (deep red): Don’t be afraid. This dark and mysterious shade of red will make you feel and look like a rock star.

Of course, there are other colors this fall that will keep you looking your best, such as mystic blue, chocolate brown, dark grey and yes, even burnt orange. Most, if not all of these colors can work well on anyone if merged correctly into your wardrobe. If you opt to add a more bold color to your outfit, pair it with a neutral hue when in doubt. But most importantly – whatever you decide – just make sure you feel awesome when you look in the mirror. After all, it is the man who makes the clothes, not the other way around. Now go and shake things up a bit!

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