Pop! Goes Men’s Fashion with hook + ALBERT


Color. Pattern. Imagination. These are three things that can update a man’s wardrobe without replacing any garments. No, I’m not referring to a new power tie.

I recently discovered the product line by hook + ALBERT; their accessories not only added an interesting element and splash of color to my wardrobe, but also gave me some positive acknowledgement from a fashion guru.

hook + ALBERT socks are colorful, bold and eye-catching. One pair can brighten up the most staid suit or lackluster khakis. The clothes do not make the man but the care and attention to details behind them does reflect your personality, mindset and individual style.

There are many colors and designs to choose from and these socks go with dress or casual shoes as well as sneakers. (Please do not wear socks with sandals.)

Be a little daring with your ankles and wait until you see the positive reaction of your co-workers, friends and fashionistas. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the comments.

Do you still have a pair of wingtip shoes in the back of your closet? Finding it difficult to throw out those retro Converse Sneakers? Well, here’s an idea to give an old shoe a facelift.

Hook + ALBERT offer a collection of laces in a myriad of colors. They can turn the most boring boot into a colorful conversation piece. Try a pair of purple on those patent leathers and your individuality will surface. I laced-up my black, conservative dress oxfords with fire engine red laces and it started a 3-alarm conversation on my commute to work. I also like the mustard yellow and Martian green laces. Try not to match the colors with your attire but contrast in a complimentary hue: purple with red, yellow with blue, green with brown, etc.

The company also makes material lapel boutonnieres to help dress up your suits, jackets and sport coats.
While enjoying a cappuccino at my local coffee shop, another customer noticed my socks and shoelaces.

“Those are fabulous,” said fashion designer Santino Rice. “They add a pop of color to your outfit!”

Discover the possibilities at: http://www.hookandalbert.com.

Photos: hook + ALBERT.

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