Precious Metal

Zirh Platinum bills itself as “the most luxurious and superior skincare range available to men.” I concur. Specially developed and carefully constructed, the products are designed specifically with men’s skincare needs in mind. The ingredients, sourced globally, have been selected for their highest quality blends and superior efficacy.

Specialty watermelon extract: acts as a skin protective that contains naturally occurring vitamins and amino acids which penetrate easily and protects the skins DNA. This particular watermelon grows in the Kalahari Desert and exhibits high drought tolerances and produces its own defense system and protects against the breakdown of DNA caused by UV-light and pollution.

Natural moisturizing factor: a proprietary composition of potassium, sodium, magnesium and lactate to help maintain hydration & elasticity in the skin. This blend is especially formulated for men’s skin treatment, stimulating long-lasting moisture retention and enhancing the skins smoothness.

Specialty mushroom extract: reduces pore size and acts as an astringent.

Next generation peptides: multiple peptides/tri-peptides limit muscular contractions (mimicking a Botox-like effect), providing intensive anti-wrinkle care and protects against expression lines and the signs of aging.

A proprietary blend of barley extract and tomato extract that mimics the skins top layer that helps to retain moisture and improve hydration.

The Zirh system is broken down into three steps. Clean, Wash, Correct, Protect and Defend. Clean washes away dirt, oil and acne-causing bacteria. Wash delivers benefits similar to Clean, but is designed for dry or sensitive skin types. Correct replenishes vitamins, moisturizes and softens skin. Protect includes the anti-oxidant powerhouse Pycnogenol, as well as alpha hydroxy acids. Protect is ideal for normal or oily skin. And finally, Defend is a lighter face moisturizer with SPF 15 protection. Defend is ideal for normal, dry or sensitive skin. All products are gentle enough for daily use, and range in price from $17 to $29.

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