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Well-chosen accessories can take an outfit from ordinary to ‘Wow!’ and the same idea applies to selecting the right frame for a piece of art. Art can add style and personality to any room but the right frame and matte must be selected before your art is ready for display. Choosing a matte and frame is made easy by Joe Asmael of Art and Framing Gallery, a family business established thirty years ago with two Manhattan locations. Simply bring your art to the shop and choose from dozens of frame and matte samples in a variety of colors and widths.

I brought Joe a watercolor by New York artist, Hall Powell and first Joe showed me a seafoam blue matte sample to use as an accent color between the watercolor and a cream color main matte that blended into the frame. The accent matte complements the blue tones in the watercolor, and the main matte and simple, ivory, wood frame echo the spirit and palette of the piece overall. Joe recommends light matte colors for art that will hang on dark-colored walls but light or dark matte colors work well on light-colored walls. The width of the matte should be proportionate to the size of the art, and Joe “floated” the watercolor on the matte so Powell’s signature in the lower right corner is visible but another option is for the matte to “sit” on the art. Choosing mattes and frames is surprisingly fun but best of all is the end result -a beautiful work of art ready to be hung and enjoyed each day.

Contact online at and at Art and Framing Gallery 1405 2nd Ave. (between 73rd-74th St.) 212-717-4025
*Readers who mention this article at the 2nd Ave store will receive a 20% discount on framing services

Go to for information about painter, Hall Powell.

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