Pso-Rite for On-Demand Massages

The Pso-Rite Massager and self massage tool relieves tight muscles, muscle knots, and trigger points after work outs or long travels. Available in both a large and smaller, hand-held size, it provides soothing, deep-tissue massage on demand — and because it’s so lightweight, it’s available anytime you need it, anywhere you go. You can even pack it in your luggage, since it’s so lightweight.

Made of the safest plastics known, the Pso-Rite’s patented design is built to mimic the hands and elbows of a massage therapist which means you’re able to get an on demand deep tissue massage on your shin, back, shoulders, neck, hips, legs, arms, feet, and other body points. Targets deep, specific and difficult-to-access muscles. Visit @pso_rite on Instagram or PSO-RITE.COM for How-To videos to see how you can create your own at-home massage session. Or, email or call +1 323-825-5056.