Pucker Up Paper Lips Sculptures: An Artful Q & A with Founder Laura Richey

If you want an exclusive piece of art to dress up any room with chic decor, check out Pucker Up Paper Lips. These hand-crafted 3-D paper sculptures are exceptionally captivating and sure to make a bold statement anywhere you place them. Laura Richey sat down with Beauty News NYC to speak about her creative and unique business, which she started during the pandemic.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am a stay-at-home mother of two boys. One of my sons has autism, which is the reason I work from home and started my paper lip business. I love all things paper. I started Pucker Up Paper Lips during the pandemic as a way to work alongside my son during his home schooling and any other needs that I had to meet. I love the look of lip art and wanted to create it in a 3-D paper form.

When did you start Pucker Up Paper Lips and what was your motivation behind it? 

During the first lockdown is when it all started. My other business of paper flowers for weddings and events stopped, and I needed something I could do anywhere in our home. Paper lips were a great way to be creative and work anywhere. I have a ton of amazing papers and lots of skills with paper, so why not create lip art?

Do you have any best sellers? 

Glitter lips are always a fan favorite and the garden flower lip. Honestly the best seller is the one that our clients ask for as a one-of-a-kind lip. Wonder Woman is one of my favorites, and my original golden bee lip.

I know you make custom designs. What are some of the most interesting lips you have been asked to create? 

My most unique inquiry was for a replica first wedding lip. The client sent me photos of the wedding cake and the bridal flowers. I created a lip with the same color as her cake, the same style of flower and adorned it with pearls, since they were also on the cake. It was the perfect first year wedding anniversary gift since the first-year gift is “paper.” Most interesting is a pizza lip. I think ones with the 3-D elements added in like cigar, pipe, glasses, books, flowers, needles… are the most interesting ones.

Anything else we should know? 

I create these lips to help with my son’s treatment expenses and also because I adore making art that goes into someone’s home or office and makes them happy. I love to create something that hasn’t been done before and have others love it as much as I do. I want to bring joy and happiness to people with my art.

All lips are environmentally friendly and made with 100% recyclable paper of different weights and colors. Custom designs are also available for holidays, sports fans, alma maters/graduates, country flag colors, hobbies, corporate logos, movie lovers, make-up artists, fashionistas, and more. Check out this extraordinary art and learn more at https://puckeruppaperlips.com/. Prices are refreshingly affordable, too.


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