Real Men Wear Perfume:
Narciso Rodriguez’s Musc Perfume Oil for him Debuts

Narciso Rodriguez is one of American fashion’s “go to designers”, for subtle, sexy clothing and fragrance …for her. It wasn’t particularly surprising that he would branch out into both menswear and men’s fragrance. What is surprising is how enticing Musc Perfume Oil for him smells on my man’s skin.

I happen to love the way my husband smells sans cologne. Call it pheromones or “primal” attraction, the chemistry between a man and a woman is often olfactory. In fact, I know the exact moment I fell in love with DH; I was very close to him and smelled the skin on his neck for the first time. Down for the count.


I am not a major musk fan. But for him is Musc. What is the difference? NR’s is from the heart of exotic Egyptian musk, and is the exact blend Mr. Rodriguez has worn for years as his own signature scent. Francis Kurkdijian, the perfume’s creator, explains, “For him embraces the duality of masculinity; it’s raw and natural, yet strong and sexy. According to Mr. Rodriguez, “The object of for him was to avoid a mere masculine version of Narcisco’s feminine fragrance for her. Men have their own olfactive identity disconnected from references to femininity”. Translation: Boys shouldn’t smell like girls; this is not a non gender specific, androgynous scent.

My naturally fabulous smelling husband never wears cologne, so he looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him (for the sake of this article) to try NR’s perfume oil. “Men don’t wear perfume”, he said, “That’s for women. Go away.” With a promise of a home cooked meal dangling in front of him, DH allowed me to sparingly apply Narcisco Rodriguez’s new men’s fragrance to his pulse points and to his neck. The result? My huband smelled fabulous, dinner was good, but dessert was even better.

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