Ring In Your New Recipes with Le Creuset


Things just taste better when they’re cooked in Le Creuset. Much better. Maybe it’s the cast iron that pleases the palette, or the colorful enamel that elevates kitchen design, or the cookware’s even distribute of heat – or all of the aforementioned – but the results are most delectable. The selection of Le Creuset cookware at http://www.QVC.com is impressive, and you can also find other cast iron cookware on the site, such as Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Pot.

Le Creuset’s 3.5 Quart Brasier is generously sized to feed a family, and to simmer all manner of gourmet delights: stews, chicken, soups, and whatever your imagination concocts. As an investment, these pans will last for years and can stand up to whatever you toss inside of them. They’re truly outstanding. Available at http://www.QVC.com in black, green, blue, and other kitchen-enhancing colors.

This 1.25 quart Precision Pour Saucepan from Le Creuset is a charming complement to the Brasier, and excellent for creating rich, chef-worthy sauces that will stay warm for serving and look presentable.

Our personal favorite is the Le Creuset Skillet – a classic, all-purpose piece of cookware that will soon be a kitchen essential. Create the perfect dill-infused omelet, curry-pepper chicken, or cinnamon pancakes in this well-crafted skillet. Choose between purple, yellow, blue and other colors.

If you prefer a Square Skillet Grill with ridges for pot roasts, steaks and other specific recipes, Le Creuset has that, too – in orange, red, sky blue and other hues. You might want to order them all in the same color, or each in a different one to make things interesting.

Cast iron cookware is also healthier than other materials, so consider investing in cookware that not only endures, but helps you endure, too.

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stephanie l. w.

Obsessed.com with Le Creuset – No wedding registry is complete without it!!


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