Rock Something New for Spring! Good-bye Boots and Jackets!


As winter finally begins to loosen its grip, we can all rejoice. With more snow than anyone could care for this season, who hasn’t been bursting at the seams for the tiniest form of relief? With the coming of the warm weather it’s time to indulge in some retail therapy, and go forth into the promising possibilities of Spring Fashion.

Zappos selections by LRG Core Collection, Pendleton Canyon shirt, and Marc Ecko. is making moves to capitalize on the return of the warm weather. If you want to mellow out in some optimal staple pieces and look as cool as Ryan Gosling this would be the place to stop by. The LRG Core collection Henley shirt makes an awesome look, and it’s flattering on guys of many aesthetics. Personally the most quintessential spring look for myself is a solid flannel shirt. Pendleton would never fail to deliver in this regard. This canyon shirt is mid-weight, making it function well as both a standalone shirt or layering piece. We can begin busting out the colorful options too! No more hiding color beneath jackets of different shades. Mark Ecko makes that much clear and more with this Cut & Sew Grand Valley Woven Shirt. Look swaggin’ like a lumberjack in bold colors, and show off some classic western details with that contrasting single piece chest pocket.

You can pick up these awesome selections and more at

Bowtie selections by Knot Basic Bow Tie

Introducing Knot Basic Bow Tie: a new and charitable collection of vintage bowties! The man behind this new startup is James Harris Jr. Pursuing a vision to repurpose vintage fabrics with purpose, James has created a colorful array of unique, one-of-a-kind products using vintage material. Twenty percent of every purchase goes to Global Works, an organization that extends its reach to over 26 international charities. Shoot James an email and come in for a customized fitting! There’s enough color and style to go around!

James is located in the New York Metro area, schedule your fitting with him by email: [email protected]. Or feel free to drop by his Etsy store here.

Volcom Thirds Shoes, Buzzard Shoes

Wearing casual footwear no longer means snow boots or boots at all. Bring it down to a low top without any care and maximum ease. Volcom footwear caters to both the sneaker junkie and the loafer lover. If you have an itch that can only be satisfied by prints, than the Thirds Shoes are for you. Prefer a lace up? They have printed lace up options as well. If you like to keep it simple and versatile than I would go for a Buzzard shoe with a crisp black finish that you can dress to your liking.

You can purchase Volcom footwear at Volcom store locations or by visiting

Tani Underwear

With such intense cold this winter I’ve been wearing long underwear beneath my pants, and it has gone on for far too long. Finally I can feel the softness of my cotton base layers as they were meant to felt: all natural. Tani Underwear was founded on the basic principle that the first layer of your clothes should be able to endure during your daily activities and provide unparalleled comfort. An innovative team has crafted these garments of Swiss cotton, Spanish Modal, Austrian Micro Modal and other unique fabrics to maximize performance and ease. The collection spans a wide customer base, from the Every Day Silktouch brief to the enduring Air Fitness brief. There is a piece here for you that is above all else satisfying and simple; sure to make you smile wider than Marky Mark in his Calvin Klein ads.

Tani Underwear is available for purchase at Nordstrom and

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