Santa: Best Attire From Head To Mistle(toe).


While formalwear is appropriate for certain occasions, I decided to go a lot more casual, rugged and yes, sexy, with Santa-wear for 2015 — all based on comfort, attractiveness and a sizzle factor that will ring more than sleigh bells. This year, we are keeping it real with men’s apparel that will flatter every shape of St. Nick.

Following are this year’s picks:


There is a very small hat store in Soho that you might even walk by without notice but don’t. Arth offers a wide selection of hats made with quality materials that are adjustable to crown size and moderately priced. This is the perfect time to add a little color to your noggin with a fedora, knit caps or other designer styles. Arth made our list this year for all of the above reasons.

75 W. Houston St
New York, NY 10012
b/t Greene St & Bowery



I was walking down Park Avenue one day when a pretty girl in a very distinct vehicle caught my eye on the corner of 51st Street and Park Avenue. I noticed a man’s suit and various fabrics on her car with the marketing logo: Book A Tailor. We struck up a conversation and I soon learned that this company makes tailored shirts, pants and suits that fit every man’s physique.

Book A Taylor

Soon after, I made an appointment at their Manhattan showroom. The process involves trying on a model shirt with color-coded measurements to make the perfect fit. It only took a few minutes for my appointment, however, to make it even more convenient, they will come to your home or office at your leisure. The selection of fabrics is vast and the client gets to design the garments down to cuffs, collars and specific details. My experience was exceptional and the outcome is a navy blue tailored shirt that perfectly fits my shoulders, arms and chest. Their tailored menswear can be picked up or delivered within two weeks.

Book A Tailor Showroom
1032 6TH Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Make an appointment here:


Every Santa has to keep his pants up and while black suspenders have commendably done the job over the years, this season I chose the Bison Made leather belt. Every Bison product is constructed with the highest quality leathers, each selected for their rich luster and natural strength. These belts are handcrafted in the U.S. and strictly made with only the finest materials – you may want to throw in a handsome wallet as well.



One of the most interesting jackets I could find this season goes to Kalish & Sons. Acclaimed artist, Michael Kalish, is pursuing his interest into the clothing biz. The Coat is a limited edition piece and comes in two color variations; Brown Distressed Chore and Navy Blue Travel. The company states that it comes with a handcrafted wooden hangar and a limited edition art print on the inside of the jacket. The first 300 coats will be hand-signed by Michael Kalish himself.

I like this jacket a lot, it’s well-crafted and made for sustainability, however the size should be measured correctly as they tend to run smal. It could be a great addition to sexy Santa’s wardrobe but there is no lining and layers will be needed when the temps drop; and while there are plenty of pockets, you cannot put your hands in them for warmth.

Visit the artist:


If you need a last-minute complete outfit, I selected 8/Omakase this month. This subscription box company creates made to measure clothing for men. The name is a bit odd but all you need to know is that it stems from the term often used in sushi restaurants where the customer entrusts the chef to serve as he/she sees best, omakase eliminates the burden of choice away from the novice or unsure and onto the expert.

Subscribers receive 2 boxes per quarter with 2-4 pieces of custom tailored to their own measurement, guaranteeing the perfect fit. The selection includes dress shirts, casual shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and accessories.

Read more in the coming months as Metro Man goes thru the 8/Omakase online process.

For Santa’s sake, discover more here:


To keep Santa on time present him with a new Thüringer Uhrenwerke Ruhla.

Ruhla is a German company that existed between the years of 1892-1991. It used to be an industry leader, they disappeared in the 1990s, however two young German entrepreneurs are bringing it back these watches under the brand name Thüringer Uhrenwerke Ruhla (TUW Ruhla).
Similarly to how one might modernize a vintage car, they have taken Ruhla’s original designs and adapted them to contemporary fashion.

Learn more here:


Under all of that jolliness, Santa needs a great t-shirt and perhaps a flannel button-down shirt. I found Grunt Style recently and they won me over with their selection of Americana themes and collection of men’s apparel. American Veteran owned, this line of menswear has a patriotic slant that is perfect for the red, white and blue Santa soldier on your list. The garments are made with superior quality and the messages ring loud and clear.

Shop here:


Finally, Santa’s boots will need lot of traction this month so I recommend Cat Footwear. I’ve been a big supporter of this industrial and innovative brand for the past several years. Recently they invited us to see their new collection and I became a big fan of their men’s Lenox Boot in Black. I am obviously not the only one, they unfortunately ran out of them in stock as I would have liked to see a sample and compare how they match up to the boots made in the past – the Abe Canvas in Bulls Blood red ranked the highest in my previous reviews.

Check them out here:

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen…

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