Scent Lab Custom Candles Make for a Cozy Time Capsule

Scent Lab Custom Cande Bad

If you are a candle junkie such as myself, you’ll already understand that you can’t have too many candles. In fact, these gloomy, rainy winter days have only amplified my desire to have these warm bundles of light fighting the depths of dark thoughts at all hours and all corners of my household.

There are so many amazing options out there. Usually picking from store shelves, flea markets, and Etsy shops provide the wonder of shopping for me. However, a different type of candle caught my interest recently. Instead of picking a pre-made candle that you match your feelings to, how about having the candle notes be picked to your current vibe instead?

Scent Lab is the first candle company I’ve seen to do this. They offer personalized candles from scent selection to candle holder, all matched to your tastes. The fragrances put into your custom candle is based on a questionnaire you take in the beginning of your Scent Lab journey.

Creating Your Custom Candle – The Scent Lab Journey

Scent Discovery taken from Official Scent Lab website
Scent Discovery taken from Official Scent Lab website

The quiz is visually engaging and super quick ( nothing like the massive Pottermore quizzes to figure out your house ). At the end, they match you with three candle blends. You choose which blend you want as well as the color of the candle container.

Currently there are four candle container options: Astro (black), Cosmo (Pink), Spellbound (Taupe), and Stardust (Beige). All containers have a beautiful matte finish and arrive in a lovely silk-like bag.

I went through my quiz and ended up with a 98% for Blend #1222 which showcased Wild Fig as a top note, Sea Salt and Orchid as a middle note and Cashmere Woods for a woody base note. I decided on the Cosmo container because I wanted more pink in my life.

All the candles come in 14 oz tins, are 100% soy wax ( for those who are sensitive to paraffin ) with a burn time of 80 hours. Alternatively, if you want all three suggested blends you can order 3 votive candles instead of one 14 oz container. This way you can try them all and see which one you like the best. Who knows, maybe by the time your candle arrives your scent vibe may have shifted slightly? Best be safe by giving yourself options right?

Burning the Candle

Scent Lab burned candle

The Wild Fig dominated before the candle was lit. But once lit, I was pleasantly surprised by its soft fragrance and beautiful glossy pool. The wax melted very evenly and even created dew droplets on the unmelted wax around the flame as well. It really was a treat to watch as I would occasionally glance over while doing my work for the day.

I had no doubt that this 100% soy wax candle would burn well. For those who don’t know, soy wax melts rather quickly. It’s the fragrance carrying when lit that I was happy to experience. Soy wax can become finicky in producing a strong Hot Throw.

Some quick Candle Vocabulary:

Cold Throw is the fragrance a candle produces when not lit.

Hot Throw is the fragrance a candle produces when it is lit.

Ending Notes

Scent Lab Spellbound Container

Scent Lab introduces a unique take on the luxury candle. Beautifully made with high quality ingredients, the candles delivered based on your preferences provide something special for the purchaser. In a way, because your “scent vibe” can change, having a way to access it via a tangible object transforms your feelings into a time capsule. Eventually, I may want to explore different scent blends and different containers based on how I feel in the future moment. But, I can easily come back to this candle and see it as a “me this year” and look at who I was and what I wanted.

If you are interested in finding your own custom candle of the moment you can visit the official Scent Lab website and take their quiz. Once completed you’ll have a saved scent profile that you can revisit at any time.

Enjoy your cute, experiential time capsule ~

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