Skincare for Spring with R. Cooper – Real Men Moisturize


I discovered R. Cooper, a new skincare company with the motto “evolved for men” and this is spot on. I’ve been keenly aware of staying properly moisturized for years, but I also know that most skincare products are marketed for women; men’s skincare has come a long way but could use a booster shot.

Basically, if you don’t like one of the more popular products, you’re stuck using lotions and creams for women (which is okay), or using the wrong products altogether. It’s comes down to basics: if you don’t take care of your skin, you will age prematurely and/or worse…

Having grown up in the 90’s, St. Ives Apricot Scrub was the jam, but I wasn’t exactly comfortable to make this purchase. Things have really changed since then, and R. Cooper’s Face Scrub takes it to the next level. It’s not too soapy, it’s unscented and it’s made with natural sugar leaving your skin soft and moisturized — this is the best routine prior to shaving.

When used with the Balancing Face Moisturizer your face is smooth for days. R. Cooper’s products work well together and they sell a Power Performance Pack that includes their Daily Face Wash, Face Toner, Face Erase Serum, and Daily Face Moisturizer with SPF 30 (use sunscreen!).

Even though it’s spring (and wearing shorts now is totally acceptable) there will be chilly nights and dry weather, so men must stay vigilant with their moisturizing regimen.

Read more about their line and make a purchase at

Photo Credit: R. Cooper

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