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Literally. Skingenious was launched in the year 2000 to coincide with the dawn of the new millennium. Its targeted treatment products were developed utilizing the latest technology of the new millennium – chiral technology. The chiral technology completely redefines what we should be putting on our skin, or even in our bodies, and is the driving force behind nearly all modern pharmacological research. Initially catering only to women’s skincare needs, Skingenious slowly turned its attention to the men’s market with its intelliGENTS line. What is smart about the line is not only its use of chiral technology, but also the fact that the products contain the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients making them more effective.

This year, Skingenious has unleashed all of its men’s offerings in one neat Xtreme intelliGENTS Kit. Extremely smart, we say! All five, full-size products from the line and instruction booklet are packed in a handsome, reusable slip case kit. The package includes a bonus gift – a wooden soapdish!

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For the first step, Men’s Bar (2 oz, $12) is a non-soap face cleansing bar to provide deep follicular cleansing without any harsh abrasive effects. Follow this up with Xpose Mild Exfoliator Pre-Shave (2 oz, $19) which contains chirally correct menthol to destroy breakout-causing bacteria, and lactic and alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate. Feel free to use it over the full face to remove dead cells and refresh complexion. For the actual shave, the kit has Shea Butter Shave (4 oz, $28) which contains high concentrations of various ingredients to avoid the usual shaving related problems – ingrown hairs, irritation, nicks, infections, etc. – and ensure a close non-irritating shave. The alcohol-free after-shave, Formula L.E.V.8 (2 oz, $39), is the perfect follow-up. It delivers another dose of anti-bacterials with menthol and tea tree oil, a far superior combination than the usual harsh alcohol in after-shaves. The product is also enriched with other healing and anti-inflammatory agents, such as vitamin E and pure chamomile. The finishing touch comes in the form of Face Shield (2 oz, $50) a moisturizer with sun-protective ingredients. The non-greasy anti-oxidant moisturizer contains vitamin C for skin strength and vitamin E for healing, and the highly-effective physical sunscreen titanium dioxide.

You can get the Xtreme kit or individual products at Gents LLC at 300 East 75th Street in New York or at the company website Additional shop locations are also listed on the website.

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