Sprezzabox: Men’s Essentials Delivered In One Package


We recently discovered Sprezzabox and our Metro Man decided to feature this gift box because the contents are so amazing and useful. There is a selection of boxes to purchase or send as gifts to the men in your lives. This months choice is the Empire Box that comes with color coordinated tie, socks, and a pocket square, it also has an attractive, casual tie clip as well as a sample size of gold moss scrub soap.


Bull+Moose has an amazing selection of ties that caught my eye. I am a fan of their patterns, solids and polka dots. They add sophistication and/or whimsy to men’s attire with vibrant colors, plaids and designs that run from fish to floral to origami.

Visit: http://www.bullandmoose.com


Fashion forward and sleek, Weekend Casual brings men’s tie clips back in style. Made from various metals, wood and other materials, their sleek and simple designs add that extra interesting element to every man’s personal, informal look.

Visit: http://www.weekendcasual.com/collections/tie-clips


Adding a pocket square to your sport coat sends a sign that you truly care about your appearance. This shows the man is confident, secure with his image and serious. The response to such confidence is attractiveness. Salt + Dapper offers a wide assortment of pocket squares to coordinate with men’s apparel.

Visit: http://saltdapper.com/pocket-squares.html


You spend a lot of money on expensive shoes, now is the time to show them off with the perfect pair of socks. Yo Sox! Sox come in an awesome selection of colors, patterns, stripes and designs that include fried eggs, skeletons and Americana symbols. The perfect pair to go with your tie and pocket square will arrive in your Sprezzabox.

Visit: https://www.yo-sox.com/collections/mens-cool-socks


Before you head out for the day, scrub up with your sample of Dr. Squatch bar soap. It’s made from simple ingredients that you will be able to pronounce and the scent is fresh and masculine.

Visit: http://drsquatch.com

Sprezzabox works with several plans that fit every budget. You simply fill out the plan level of your liking, their designers take it from there and a box will arrive in your mail within days. Members receive a new box every month to keep men looking their very best.

Order Your Sprezzabox Here: http://www.sprezzabox.com

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