Spring 2006 Fashion Guide For Men


The snow has melted, the ground has thawed, and it’s time to put those parkas away. That’s right, Spring is in the air! Time to start shedding those winter pounds and to start preparing for lazy Sundays on the Great Lawn. It’s also time to go shopping for your Spring wardrobe. Spring is here, and we’ve got all the hottest trends for you!

We’ve spoken with Colby McWilliams, Men’s Fashion Director at Neiman Marcus, and here’s a guide, for you, on what to wear this Spring.

In The Conference Room:

Did you just start a new high profile job and want to make a splash in the office with all the latest trends?

According to Colby, suits this season are going to be lighter than we’ve seen in the past. They will feature a more modern cut; close fitting, two buttons, and flat front pants. Expect designer Paul Smith to make a big impression this year.

Shirts at work of course depend on your industry; some are simply more conservative than others. You can never go wrong with a nice white shirt with French cuffs. However, if you’re able to be a little more on the bolder side in your office bright colors are in for this Spring, as are white collars and cuffs on a solid shirt. Again French cuffs are very much in…

The best part about French cuffs is it grants you a subtle opportunity to make a statement. Show your playful side with penguin cufflinks, or show you’re very much together with a color to compliment the shirt, or rub it the face of the guy with the Bostonian accent in the office next to yours by wearing Yankees cufflinks.

For more on cufflinks please visit our Cool Finds page this month.

The Club Scene:

Are you determined to kick-start your nightlife this season? Read on and discover all you’ll need about tomorrows hottest trend…sorry we’ve only got tips on what to wear, the rest is up to you.

Every guy out there, whether he wants to admit it or not, has a favorite shirt. He believes, right or wrong, that this shirt is blessed with a magic gift, which will make all women in the bar, club or lounge want him. Here’s what to look for to find THAT shirt this season.

Solids are out this year; focus your eye on stripes and prints. Paul Smith, Etro, Dolce Gabanna, and many others are showing lots of great prints this season that will start pushing the stripes out, and forget about solids…leave those at the office.

French cuffs are all the rage; they attach a little bit of flair to your style and the chance to add something unique to your look. At the club you’ll want to opt for something either suggestive or fun stay away from anything that’s overly formal.

Men will continue to wear close fitting jackets out at night. Look for them to be a little more clean cut than they have been. A good sports jacket, for the nights, can go as easily with a brightly colored sports shirt for the more upscale lounge, or a printed t-shirt for that new Indy bar you’re going to check out in the Village.

Jeans are a staple for anyone hitting the scene at night, you’ll want to trend a bit more on the darker side this season. Designers are showing a neater look this season, move away from the distressed look, suggests Colby.

Now you’re armed with enough info to go out there this season and really hit the scene in style this season…go on get out there, the weather’s fine!

For more information on the brand names mentioned in the above article please visit the following sites.

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