Spring Awakening – A Sneak Peek at Men’s Undergarments.


The question should not be simply, “Boxers or Briefs?” That is unless you’re playing that naughty game with friends over lunch or cocktails. I’m sure that Michael Jordan would agree.

When it comes to men’s underwear, the real questions should be: Does it fit? Is it flattering? How does it make the man feel? While most women might be more impressed by your charm, wit and humor, your “undergear” is something that they have to look at as you loaf on the sofa. Think about it. What message are you sending?

Men’s undergarments have come a long way since dad’s flannel boxers and grandpa’s one-piece with a trap door.

Today we, and the women who shop for us, understand the significance of having undergarments that fit and flatter. Regardless of a man’s shape or size, owning the right underwear, provides comfort, support and protects our clothing. Your new tops and shorts will be a welcome addition to the bedroom and can perform better than a Pitbull, Adam Levine or Michael Bublé song.

I’ve done the research and here are some of the best undergarments to improve your style and up your game this spring.

Tom Patterson founded Tommy John in San Diego, CA. This is one of the best and most versatile brands in men’s undergarments. They have a line for all body types and the micro model fabric prevents bunching or riding up – polite terms for “wedgie” and excessive fabric around the gut. That’s keepin’ it real.

The Second Skin Deep V-neck and Tank Top are perfect garments for men, especially for work, the office and to protect your business/formal clothing. The fabric breathes really well and helps keep the body cool and comfortable. They are designed to remain tucked-in so you look presentable throughout the day. I also recommend the Second Skin Trunks and Briefs. These shorts are particularly good for active men and athletes, the mesh ventilation keeps men cool and dry during workouts.

Tommy John garments are available at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus or visit http://www.tommyjohnwear.com.

Joel Primus, from Canada, is the founder of the NaKeD brand for men. He brings to the marketplace original products that are spun by distilled water from the Italian Alps. What that entails, I’m not sure, but I can attest that his boxer/brief lives up to the brand name – it’s like “going commando” but with a safety net.

This garment is made for the young, athletic male, however a mature man who is fit could also enjoy the benefits of these shorts. They are made with 86% Polymide and 14% Elastane and that is the secret to their success; the fabric has supportive structure but melds to the skin and feels like you are not wearing anything. I recommend this item for the adventurous and the exhibitionist.

NaKeD is in the process of launching a line for women.

Check them out and make a purchase at http://www.thenakedshop.com

Proskins are experts in compression. Our friends from “across the pond” created undergarments that are designed for activity, recovery and the body’s circulation, as well as everyday use. I tried their Activity and Recovery shirt and bottoms in a spin class and the outcome was rather impressive, or brilliant, as the Brits say.

The fabric gives muscle support and helps stimulate blood flow. It’s true. They are comfortable with temperature control and silver threads are weaved into the fabric to keep the garments clean, odor free and long lasting.

If you’re active, athletic or even recovering from a sports injury, this is your ticket to health and progress. I recommend Proskins for men of all ages; the fit is very snug in order for it to do its job.

Buy Proskins at http://www.proskins.co.uk.

The people at Jockey recently invited me to a fashion show at the Museum of Art and Design in Columbus Circle, NYC. Their latest line of undergarments is launching this spring.

The new men’s collections are made with quality cotton, come in vivid colors and the styles and patterns are abundant. From the classics to modern and sporty, these tops and bottoms are designed with a fresh, new approach, and are appropriate for men of every age, shape and size including big and tall man sizes.

I was most impressed with the cotton ply of the T-shirts, they are durable and hold their shape even after several washings.

Jockey is available at most department stores or you can make a purchase online at http://www.jockey.com.

So there is the skinny on spring skivvies, now upgrade your underwear and reap the benefits of looking smart, sharp and sexy.

Photo Credits: Tommy John, Proskins, NaKeD and PK Greenfield.

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