Spring Cleaning: Time for Men to Cleanup their Act. Renewal. Reinvention. Game on.


We’ve sprung!

There are longer days, botany is coming back, it’s time to start with a fresh, new attitude as well as shake up the daily routine. Guys should take all bad habits, poor decisions and any negative thoughts, put them in a garbage bag, rent a steamroller and CRUSH them! Think of your favorite action movie star and do it like Jeremy Renner, Taylor Lautner or Daniel Craig.

With the summer sun, outdoor activities just around the corner, it’s time to whip that gut & butt into shape; freshen up your scent while brightening your smile — and feeling better. Here is how to get started.

Shape Up: I recommend that you jog over to lululemon and pick out some workout tops and shorts. It doesn’t matter if you like boxing, lifting, biking or yoga, this sportswear is functional and adaptable. I particularly like the Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve T-shirt. This top is made with silver threading to eliminate odors just in case you forget the shirt in your gym bag or the backseat of your car. It breaths well and it’s seam-free so no chaffing. I also recommend their Game On Boxer Brief. This undergarment will give you the support that you need for cardio workouts, especially when jumping up and down for a basketball (pause) – you catch my drift. They also have great ventilation and the fabric dries quickly, even during exercise.

You can eat fast-food, watch cartoons and sit on your ‘earth shattering kaboom’, while surfing their website at http://www.lululemon.com. However, I recommend that you run or at least sprint to these locations:

lululemon athletica
Lincoln Square
1928 Broadway @ 64th Street
New York, NY

Upper East Side
1127 3rd Avenue
New York, NY

After your run or workout in your new togs, you’re going to need to freshen-up your scent. As I mentioned in previous articles, women have a much keener sense of smell than men do — they identify “hmmmm or ewww”, before a man even enters the room.

Tommy Bahama for Him is launching this month and the scent is earthy, masculine and alluring. Created by perfumer Ilias Ermendis, the fragrance comes in a very architectural bottle with a unique flip-top cap — the total design and scent capture the Tommy Bahama lifestyle of making life one long weekend. Now there’s a goal to set.

The ingredients include citrus, ginger, a little flora and spices as well as Australian sandalwood; the combined outcome is something that will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated — and that’s contagious. Take my word.

This cologne is available in major department stores beginning in April, or you can make a purchase here: http://www.tommybahama.com.

Now that you are getting in shape and smelling great, it’s time to brighten-up your fangs. Very few things compare to an attractive smile when meeting people, working with colleagues, getting a date or finding a significant other. Good dental hygiene and white teeth help get you noticed beyond the wallflowers.

Let’s remove all of the stains from holiday wine, copious cups of Starbucks, residue from those Havana cigars and even the colorful remnants of berries, sports drinks and sauces.

Rembrandt offers several products that will help whiten and brighten your “grill”. I’m a big fan of their toothpaste but for those who need a quick blast of whiteness, check out their Deeply White — it removes stains within 2 hours. It’s a simple 4-step process: Shape, Fill, Apply and Rest/Repeat. With just four 20-minute sessions and short breaks in between, this system will give you whiter teeth in the quickest time outside of a dentist’s chair.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, teeth are the doorway to opportunity, Mr. smiley face.

Read more at http://www.rembrandt.com/

You’re in shape, looking great and now it’s time to add some Rock-N-Roll to your wardrobe. We Love Colors provides the most awesome and colorful socks and tights for men. Yes, I said tights. Mick Jagger, Axl Rose and even Johnny Depp have worn them, not to mention football players, Olympians and of course, Balanchine, Baryshnikov as well as members of the Bolshoi.

It takes a confident man to fire-up his attire with a splash of color that says something about life and passion for breaking stereotypes as well as the blandness of conformity. Black socks may be appropriate for your office if you ‘crunch numbers’ all day, We Love Colors are for your time.

Made in the USA, these garments scream beyond the predictability of black & white.

Buy them at http://www.welovecolors.com.

Now you have several ideas to cleanup and improve yourself this spring. Summer suggestions will follow in the months to come as BN Metro Man continues to evolve.

Email me with any questions or suggestions.

Photo Credits: lululemon, Tommy Bahama, Rembrandt, We Love Colors and PK Greenfield.

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