Spring Cleaning


The sky seems to have a special sparkle these days even when it is just a little peek through the clouds. The air seems to have a fizz to it. You feel a certain electricity in the atmosphere after those long cold days of yuck and grey. And, is it infectious? Oh, yes! You convince the poor maitre d’ at your fave restaurant to open up the outside section; you settle your exuberant self down, order, and then realize that you have made a mistake; it is not that warm yet. Nevertheless, you know spring has finally made it to New York. And with it, the rituals. It is time to gear up the workout routine for the summer, start planning your country weekends, think of the change of wardrobe, and get your winter clothes cleaned before you stow them away.

What you do with your dirty laundry (or linen) is really your business; people would take little note of it, unless you washed it in public. On the other hand, making sure that your face sports a fresh clear skin to match the season is an issue you cannot deal lightly with.

Beauty News finds that these days, vitamin C has become a staple in every other product promising skin clarification and antioxidation. But why is it that they do not work well enough to give you that fresh clear skin they promise?

Firstly, the promises would hold true if the vitamin C in the product was still intact when it came in contact with your skin. But, by that point, it has become oxidized. What you are putting on your face is some ineffective by-product of the oxidation process.

The second reason is because the product has not been made for you. I see you scratching your head.

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[center]Radical Results Anti-oxidant Serum C+E[/center]

Enter PRESCRIBEDsolutions with its best-selling Radical Results Anti-oxidant Serum C+E. The vitamin C used in this serum is in a unique, stabilized form called STAY-C 50. Although this patented formulation is an extremely powerful antioxidant, it does not oxidize in the bottle. It bioconverts to L-ascorbic acid (the active form of vitamin C) only upon contact with skin enzymes. That way it is still available when it is needed.

You cannot buy PRESCRIBEDsolutions products at a department store counter. The clinically-tested, physician-strength formulae are only available through medical offices.

The line allows doctors treating aesthetic patients to use their medical expertise and customize products with active ingredients that address a particular patient’s specific concerns. Under this patented process, physicians have nearly 100 treatment options to ensure that the one dispensed to you is made just for your skin.

During the consultation, the doctor examines the patient’s skin to determine their dermatological needs and picks the appropriate base products. Following this, a booster is added to the products to achieve the right customization. As the patient’s needs change over time or across seasons, their physician adjusts their products and boosters accordingly. “For example, the same serum can be made more hydrating or have more acne control. It is, therefore, able to give benefits that the vast majority of products sold both in department stores and other physicians’ offices cannot,” explains Aurelian Lis, an authority on cosmeceuticals, and the Chief Operating Officer of PRESCRIBEDsolutions.

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[center]Brightening Booster[/center]

Among the various boosters, the brightening booster and the acne booster might be the ones you would want to consider with your doctor to achieve you flawless spring skin.

In terms of the base products, in addition to Radical Results Antioxidant Serum, your doctor might suggest A Bolt of Lightening – Skin Lightening Serum. This is a potent formulation to treat blemishes and hyperpigmentation problems occurring from over-exposure to the sun or from other causes. The anti-oxidant booster could be a suitable addition to this base product to protect against further sun damage. Or, it could be the firming booster that your skin needs. Quite often, sun damaged skin tend to show signs of premature aging and decreased tonicity in addition to discoloration/hyperpigmentation problems. The point being that every product can be adapted to best suit your needs.

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Noted physicians such as Dr. Patricia Wexler, Dr. Tina Alster, Dr. Franklin Johnson, Dr. Debra Wattenberg and Dr. Barry DiBernardo dispense these PRESCRIBEDsolutions products in their medical offices. You have to arrange an appointment with the doctors performing this innovative customization. To learn more about the line or obtain the physicians’ contact details, visit www.prescribedsolutions.com.

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