Stop cutting your throat – a guide to shaving with insight from Eric Malka


There are very few men out there who don’t shave on a regular basis. Of course I’m not counting those who sport a full beard, I just have to assume they aren’t going to read an article on shaving in the first place. Back to my point.

In general we, as men, probably have little to no idea how to shave correctly. What’s worse yet is we are likely to be entirely too proud to ask someone for help. This leads us into a downward spiral in which we are hacking away day after day at our very own faces and necks. All the while hoping, that by not shaving over the weekend, provided we can get away with it, the damage done will miraculously heal. This could not be more wrong!

I’ve spoken with Eric Malka, one of the co-founders of The Art of Shaving, and here is what we should have been doing all along.

There are several aspects of shaving to consider. You have the pre-shave, the shaving cream, the after shave, and the razor. Malka says that the technology behind the razor has reached a point where there is no wrong razor to use. Malka used to throw all of his support behind the Mach 3, but after trying the Fusion (Gillette’s 5 blade razor) he said “I was the most skeptical guy, but I am blown away.”

For the pre-shave, The Art of Shaving offers an unscented pre-shave oil. This moistens the skin, and softens the hairs, while adding an extra slick layer of protection. It is very important to remember that when you are shaving you’re actually scraping away a layer of skin, so the more protection and the less friction, the better the shave.

Time to lather up! Certain large companies have led us to believe that if it feels cool on the face it must be good, this is not necessarily true. The old fashioned soap brush accomplishes something that is not available from a can. It delivers water to the lather, and subsequently the skin, keeping your face nice and moist.

Now all the prep work is done and it’s time to pick up that razor. Make sure the blade is sharp. A dull blade causes more friction, and yet again friction is not your friend. Shave with the grain. If you do need to shave against the grain for that extra smooth look, make sure to lather up again before doing so.

All done? No bleeders? Good! Aftershave is just as important as every step thus far. However with aftershave there are again some misconceptions out there. You need to be very cautious about what you are putting on your skin. A product containing alcohol will dry up your face, making all the effort of applying extra moisture a waste. “Using natural ingredients is really important.”, says Malka.

The finishing touch is a night cream to prevent ingrown hairs. This is not a problem for all men, and is more common in those with curly hair.

“My goal is to upgrade every man to the perfect shave,” says Malka. Lofty goals, maybe, but I have to admire him after years of hacking up my face I am now set on the right course.

The Art of Shaving offers a free shaving consultation. If you would like to know more about The Art of Shaving please visit their website at [url=][/url].

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