Stuff a Man-Stocking


What to put into a guy’s stocking? Here ‘s a quartet of suggested products that will keep him well-stocked and stoked.

iWave Eco-Wood headphones, part of its Grass roots Collection, feature sustainable wood grain finishes in three different styles, and offer astounding clarity. His ears will vibrate with your holiday cheer. Find them and other iWave products (such as phone cases and other electronics accessories) at

Axe Shampoos and Conditioners come in manly aromas such as Igniting Citrus, Zen Soothing Tea Tree, and Downpour Refreshing Mint for hair that smells as alluring as it looks. He’ll want to head for the shower – most enticing!

Tater Grip enables a guy to personalize his baseball bat handle with his name, or favorite designs and colors. The Tater Grip patented shrink-to-fit technology is the key to creating these custom designs. This is a gift that will be appreciated long after the holidays are over and he’s in the thrall of summer’s favorite sport. Read more about it and order at

Nutrimeal offers 8 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein per serving and is a low-glycemic chocolate shake, so it’s a more nutritious option for hot chocolate after a day on the slopes or in Central Park. Find it and other healthy offerings at

These should do the trick for a stocking. He’ll smell great, feel sated, have a personalized bat grip for summer, and can rock out on his new wood headphones.

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