Super Natural KENT Undies + A Perfect Hamper

Soft, Wearable KENT
KENT has reimagined briefs and undies to be better for our bodies and our planet. Made with certified organic pima cotton, as underwear should be, their underwear is also made to be 100% plant based and biodegradable. All of their products come from the earth, and return to the earth naturally. They’re soft on your gentlest skin, plastic-free, and gentle on our shared environment. Made in California for everyone, we love the Hipster style and the Bikini style, but choose your own favorite here.

Superio Brand
You’ll eventually need a new laundry hamper, and Superio Brand has the perfect Wicker Style Laundry Hamper in various hues: white, beige, brown, and grey. It’s tall and sturdy at 60 liters (dimensions: 17 inches (L) x 14 inches(W) x 23.25 inches (H)) with a tight, well-fitting lid. Great for nurseries, dorms, bathrooms, and anywhere you need to easily stay organized. If you know any new parents or newly married people this holiday season, this is the gift they didn’t realize they would love so much. Read more about it here.


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