Swimwear Fashions For Men


Beautiful New Yorkers are gearing up for a well deserved summer – we’ve shed excess winter bulge, work out diligently, and eat healthier foods. We’ll wear less as temperatures rise, so with toned physiques comes great style as well. No one is immune to the beachwear faux-pas, and our men equally strive for the right look on sand and sea.

Depending on how daring or demure, conservative or colorful, trends in swimwear offer wonderful style options for all guys at various Adonis stages. Here’s the scoop for our readers:

Lots of Pockets and Functionality:
They don’t use the latest bag, but guys do carry stuff in their pockets. Swimwear from Calvin Klein and Mc2 Saint Barthelemy are Bermuda-inspired pants with enough compartments to fit essentials and extras such as energy bars, keys, lip balm, money, wallet, Blackberry, cell phone, etc. With multiple pockets on the sides, back and cargo, men won’t appear padded and puffed out, just heavier if they get wet. Remember to remove these items when diving into waves!

Also, this style is transitional. The swimwear can easily be worn from beach to cafe. Get dry, put on a nice shirt and sandals, and your guy is ready for a casual lunch, dinner or sightseeing.

Varying Lengths:
As with skirts, sometimes men opt to show more of less leg. Polo Ralph Lauren swimwear brings sleek style with a bit more cover-up, while Dsquared2 boxer trunks bring sexy back without overexposure. Long or short, youth and energy remain in both.

Sophisticated Solids:
Classy earth tones pop with a touch of color and vibrant neon. Your banker by day has his swagger down on the beach. He knows how to execute a flawless look in fitted swimwear fashions from Emporio Armani and Prada.

Bold Fresh Colors:
For outspoken souls who want ladies and lifeguards to spot them easily (no sharks though), vibrant eye-catching hues will get you noticed. Trunks from Galiano and Moschino boast look-at-me, yet tasteful colors, such as pink, green and sky blue that appeal but won’t blind the retinas in the hot sun.

Fun Prints and Stripes:
Men with a sense of humor are always attractive. They’re likely adventurous enough to wear patterns that are both comical and fashion-forward. These gorgeous comedians will bring smiles to our faces with playful swimwear from Mc2 Saint Barthelemy, Marc Jacobs, and Paul Smith. Festive prints that get feminine hearts pumping include sandal assortment, tropical palms and delicious candy stripes.

Guys can select from an exciting array of trends sure to suit their buff bods and personalities.

Sun worshipers and water sportsmen, make the investment in superior swimwear and bask this summer.

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