Tech: Huawei’s MateBook X Designed for the User

If you’ve ever wanted an ultralight notebook with Windows 10 operating system and Mac’s design sensibility, now you’ll have it (sort of). Huawei will be releasing its MateBook X ultrabook to U.S. markets in the coming weeks. If you’re unfamiliar with Huawei, it’s a Chinese multinational consumer technology and telecommunications manufacturer of notebooks/ultrabooks, tablets, phones, wearables, and other technologies.

Think of the MateBook X as having a Mac shell with a window’s personality. It’s 13 inches and slightly over 2 lbs., a perfect size to fit into any tote without noticing it’s there. The screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio, a slightly higher display with a thin border, which means more surface area to view content. The viewport is also optimized with 2k resolution perfect for Netflix binge-watching. And the device’s Dolby Atmos Sound System, an exclusive collaboration between Huawei and Dolby, is designed so audio crackles with vibrancy and presence, unlike the hollow sound engineering in other notebooks and ultrabooks.

Not only is the MateBook X an ideal travel companion, but it’s built for reliable performance. It has sturdy brains with a 7th generation core i5 Intel processor and an option of 4 or 8 RAM, so you can run multiple applications simultaneously (note: it can handle light to intermediate Photoshop-dependent tasks, but it’s not made for video creation, which requires a robust graphics card not built into most ultrabooks). Atypical of other ultrabooks, the particular core processor usually requires a fan to keep it cool, but MateBook X is fanless and is made with a state-of-the-art material that keeps the chassis from overheating.

And one of MateBook’s most useful additions is the fingerprint recognition serving as the power button. After a painless setup, you press your finger to the power button, and instantly, the desktop wakes without any startup drag.

Also noteworthy, is the portable MateDock 2 to connect other devices, e.g., two USB ports, an HDMI port, and a VGA port (for analog connections). Apple sells this similar connector but a la carte for about $100. This speaks to MateBook X’s general appeal: it capitalized on the practical nuisances of PCs and Macs while selectively incorporating their best features. Available colors come in Huawei is still finalizing pricing for the U.S. market, but overseas it’s listed at €1,399 (about $1,569). Available colors come in Prestige Gold, Rose Gold, and Space grey.

If you’re seeking a more fluid UX experience without having to convert to a new software ecosystem, Matebook X has your thoughts in mind.

Available: Summer 2017 at at participating retailers

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