Tech-ing it Back to the Future with Daddy’s Shaving Routine and a Touch of AHA

Billy Jealousy has arrived in New York to resurrect the classic barbershop experience in your daily razor ritual. The old-fashioned hot-towel treatment can now come straight out of your medicine cabinet. No visit to the barber is required, thanks to a highly innovative and daring formulation.

The Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment is quite a first of its kind. It contains a heating agent called xolite. Once in contact with your wet face, it is activated by the water. The gentle heat serves a practical purpose in addition to adding novelty and a bit of excitement to a half-awake morning process. It expands and softens the hair follicles to make for easier shaving.

The treatment works with the Hydroplane Shave Cream, the two mixing in equal parts. The shaving cream impresses with its own new technology. Micro-sized silicon beads are used in the cream to eliminate razor drag! The combination of the heat treatment and the shaving cream works to give a really smooth, close shave with the least bit of irritation. The two formulations also contain other goodies, such as, an anti-inflammatory agent to prevent razor burn and hydroscopic humectants for maximum hydration.

The follow-up Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm is as non-greasy as it can get, and shows a good understanding of the male skin and its higher levels of sebum production. Yet it covers its remit perfectly well with conditioning agents and vitamins to replace the natural lubricants lost during shaving. In addition, it contains AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) for beard softening and all over skin regeneration. The cool tingly sensation is quite delicious. And the soothing effect and toned feel can be great primers to ‘facing’ the day ahead.

Alpha- and Beta-Hydroxy Acids have been the rage in cosmoceuticals in recent times, as we have discovered the regenerative effects of exfoliation on skin. Two other products from Billy Jealousy are noteworthy in this regard – the Bar None Face Wash and Ocean Front Body Wash. The face wash with its glycolic acid (AHA) and surfactants, when used two or three times on a daily basis, proves very effective in sloughing away dead skin cells and aiding skin regrowth, tonicity, and complexion. The body wash is a hottie in the fact that it is the only one on the market containing AHA. It has an exhilarating scent and comes with a red-lettered warning: May incite repeated invasions of your personal space. For the record, I am yet to be mobbed on account of using this product.

The line also contains a moisturizer with both AHA and BHA, and various other men’s personal care products. You can visit to learn more or to make a purchase. Department Store availability for Billy Jealousy products is exclusively at Barney’s New York.

Pricing Information for Billy Jealousy products:

Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment; 6 oz.; $22
Hydroplane Shave Cream; 8 oz.; $20
Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm; 3.5 oz.; $18
Bar None Face Wash; 6 oz.; $18
Ocean Front Body Wash; 8 oz.; $22
Moisturizer Combat Lines; 3 oz.; $30

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