The Dollar Shave Club is Seriously Excellent


You may have already heard about the Dollar Shave Club but might be slow on the uptake. It’s a subscription-based service that delivers razors and proprietary men’s grooming products to your door – but for cheap, like buffalo nickel cheap. As other services of its kind, Dollar Shave Club has bypassed the middlemen. But its products have as much to do with Dollar Shave Club’s success as its walk-of-fame business strategy. CEO and Founder Michael Dubin created a screwball YouTube video in 2012 that blew up in the digital ether and its fallout generated a 12,000 order deluge in the first two days of operation. One of the trademark lines of the video is, “Our blades are f***ing great.” But it wasn’t a one hit wonder. Dollar Shave Club now has over 2 million subscribers. For a nominal monthly subscription, you can have the following products greet you at your door step:

Take the Dollar Shave Club Razors seriously. They come fashioned with a thick, long-lasting aloe vera protective strip, pivot head, and a comfortable rubber grip with chrome complements. The blades expertly hack through stubborn beard growth with just three blades. Dollar Shave Club has proudly distanced itself from the arms race of global brand superpowers intent on fortifying their razors as if they were Robocop.

Dr. Carver'sShaveButter

Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter is a non-foaming, thin, and transparent gel-texture formula. It has all the essential oils and lubricants in one application with golden barley, organic prickly pear cactus, pacific sea algae, black will bark, and vitamins A/C/E, and Oat Extract. The blade moves harmoniously across the skin and rinses without a fuss.

Dr. C'sserum

Dr. Carver’s Miracle Repair Serum is small in stature but big on heroics. Its anti-inflammatory elixir is stuffed with precious emollients and hand picked organic soothers including cypress berry, solomon’s seal, AHA complex, salicylic acid, white tea, and blueberry extract. Bumps will loose their humps, and burns will turn to burnouts.


Dr. Carver’s Post Shave All in One Moisturizer is another part of the healing process. With a big heart, its corrective elements renew and soften damaged skin from shaving. It also assists skin in retaining its moisture from shave to shave. Non-greasy and light to the touch, it rubs in the way it should with golden barley, prickly pear cactus, sodium hyaluronate, aloe leaf juice, oat extract, and vitamins A, C, and E for extra follow-up, pampered treatment.

Dollar Shave Club’s proprietary hair-product line is Boogie’s, crafted for all mops of life.


Boogie’s Bold Hair Gel is a hair enforcer with a bold hold, sleek shine, and all day commitment. Don’t worry about a mess or a snow-head as it and every other variation is formulated to keep hair healthy. Sea algae, biotin, Irish moss, and black locust keep hair vigorous and buoyant.


Boogie’s Casual Hair Clay provides a matte finish and superior flexible hold for casual, nonchalant affairs, and suited for hair of all lengths. Flaxseed, acai oil, and black locust work behind the scenes.


Boogie’s Dream Hair Cream works gently with a soft hold for short to medium hair lengths. Don’t worry, your locks won’t crunch like potato chips but will instead feel like an invisible wingman is holding things together.


Boogie’s Smart Hair Paste is a friend for any length of hair with an adaptable and malleable hold. Go ahead, run your fingers through your hair, you won’t feel it because it’s smarter than your fingers.


Boogie’s True Hair Fiber locks in a matte finish with medium hold for short to medium hair lengths. It’s a fullness-booster with a navigable texture and is customizable to any moporama. Look for canisters at your door.


Dollar Shave Club has even revolutionized a dirty job, but a necessarily crucial aspect of proper grooming. Introducing One Wipe Charlies, flushable moist wipes that will leave your cavernous region invigorated with the scent of peppermint fields. Firm and committed, Charlies won’t break down in the middle of service with a cleansing solution that’s soft where it counts. Charlies are also infused with botanicals, Aloe Vera and Chamomile, to keep things fresh and alive. Why shouldn’t your ass get the attention it deserves?

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