The Living’s Easy With These Summertime Essentials

Summertime and the living’s easy! We intend to make it even easier, gentlemen. Dressing to take on the warm weather should indeed be hot! Be certain your essentials keep you strolling the beach or spending nights under the stars in style.

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Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion and Flavored Lip Balm

Summertime outings can quickly go south if you lack protection. You don’t want to wash up on the shore as red as a lobster, so be sure beat the suns rays with Sun Bum. Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen lotions will give you lasting protection in SPF 15+ ,30 +, 50+ & 70+. This water resistant lotion will last 80 minutes in the water, so you can swim without worry. What’s even better is it gives you a real beachy aroma! Smell like Kolohe Andino no matter where the summer takes you.

Your lips are ultra sensitive. Luckily, Sun Bum has its collection of summery Sun Bum Flavored Lip Balms. The wide range of flavors: banana, key lime, coconut, mango, pink guava and pomegranate, are all SPF 30+ protection. Formulated with antioxidant, anti-aging, vitamin E & aloe, your lips are ready for the season.

You can pick up Sun Bum products at Quicksilver in Manhattan, Ricky’s and at

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Altec Lansing Blue Boom Jacket

The experience of any outdoor adventure is incomplete without music. Don’t take the risk on using your phone for mobile listening! The Altec Lansing Blue Boom Jacket is “everything proof,” and your summer plans can really put it to the test. Bring it to the beach and be worry free, this speaker is SANDPROOF! It is easily mountable and attachable so you can keep it with you as you ascend mountain peaks or traverse river rapids.

The Altec Lansing Blue Boom Jacket is available for purchase at Best Buy retailers.

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His Edge “Enzo” & “Millennium”

Clothes may make the man, but during the summer it is those finishing touches that give him distinction. If clothes make the man, then his sunglasses make the look. Tom Cruise earns his wings in a pair of aviators, and metropolitan gentlemen usually earn theirs from behind a desk. With these new trendy styles, the man can show he understands a modern update on a classic style.’s “His Edge” collection does just that. With the options of adding prescription lenses to runway-ready frames, all gentlemen can show off style and practicality in equal measure. These styles from the collection show how styling details can enhance the popular wayfarer and aviator styles.

You can pick up EyebuyDirect products exclusively at

Summertime Essentials 6 glasses

If you are the kind of man that mixes and matches colors, look no further than SUM Company and, as they say, find your sum. A completely customizable pair of shades is just waiting for your personal touch. Be careful though, these bold colors will cater to your impulses! The lenses are of very high quality, so go on and explore all the different types! Kanye’s shade game has got nothing on you!

You can customize your pair of SUM Company glasses at

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Summertime Essentials 8

Havaianas flip-flops & Feiyue sneakers

Your feet will carry you through summer in blazing heat, so it would be best to let them take in that sweet summer air! It would seem that Havaianas have pretty much locked down the flip flop to a science. The graphic prints of their flip-flops is only matched by the ease and comfort of their many styles. The footbeds are cushioned with a soothing texture and the matte strap is wide for maximum comfort.

If the flip-flop look doesn’t work for all occasions, so you need to ensure you have a sharp, versatile sneaker that you can depend on. Feiyue provides just that. You can really walk it out in these sneakers, and it is the season for the low top. These shoes read as effortless – and a truly effortless sneaker will go with essentially everything.

Havaianas are available for purchase at the Havaianas store in Times Square or Feiyue products are available for purchase at

Summertime Essentials 9

Zippo Utensil Tree

Camping like a professional gets modern updates every year. Being prepared for the outdoors will do more than make your life easier, but it shows some undeniable masculinity. Zippo’s Utensil Tree keeps all of your essentials at arms reach: condiments are far from the ground, and grill utensils hang from the top. It breaks down into a compact unit that is extremely mobile – bring it to the beach, set the pronged base for use on pavement and have a tailgate party. BBQ’s will never be the same.

You can purchase Zippo products at Remington Retail or

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