The Pampered Male


Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see men doing work to maintain and improve their outward appearance. The traditional view of the unkempt, out-of-shape and uncaring male has recently been replaced by his more trim, pampered and fashion conscious brother. This new “metro-sexual” male is more desirable, more trendy, and more likely to enjoy the pampered treatment at a luxurious spa as opposed to the stereotypical beer, sweatpants, T.V. and sofa combination.

Many men have the desire to improve their appearance but lack the time or know-how to reach the goals they hope to achieve. I recently visited one spa that seems to have taken the lead in New York City by catering to these types and providing an environment for male beauty enhancement that takes the “pampered male” to a whole new level. I set up an appointment with the Georgette Klinger Spa, located on 501 Madison Avenue to meet with their men’s grooming specialist, Giuliana Devuono. My experience at this spa has certainly opened my eyes to what pampering is all about!

As I entered this spa I was immediately struck with a multitude of sensations ranging from the pleasant smells to the relaxing music creating an atmosphere of deep relaxation. Employees of this spa are all smiles and courtesy. Looking to please and put me at ease, I was offered refreshment and directed to a waiting area that was relaxing in its music, aroma, and cheerful colors.

I first met with the colorist, Angela Cosmai, to have some highlights put in before my haircut. To say that this colorist was experienced is an understatement. Anglea owns salons in both CT, and NYC, and has her own line of beauty products, which she recommends for a variety of hair types. She has been in the business for many years and has made quite a name for herself in the industry. It was abundantly clear that she knew her stuff as she went to work on my head of hair. Together, Angela, and her color assistant Ronnie Shepard transformed my hair into a beautiful, natural looking, and highlight enhanced final product. Anglea often charges up to $600.00 for a color session, and is well worth every penny. As they say in the industry, “you get what you pay for”. I was now ready to have my manicure while I awaited the color to set in before my cut.

The Georgette Klinger Spa’s manicure specialist, Laura Sobol, expertly trimmed my nails and informed me of her other services including waxing of practically anywhere on the body. This was an enjoyable experience that opened my eyes to a variety of services and produced a professionally set of manicured nails.

My awaited hair cutting session was finally here, and the spa’s men’s grooming specialist, Giuliana Devuono, expertly applied her trade to my hair. Giuliana is another example of the high quality of experienced staff working at this spa, and she expertly styled and trimmed my hair to celebrity quality. As I gazed at the final product of my styled and highlighted hair, I realized that the Georgette Klinger Spa is quite possibly the premier beauty hot spot in NYC.

Catering to all types, this spa certainly has the experienced staff to give the best quality of service. Acting as a beauty consulting business, this spa can do anything a client requires to make him/her happy. As an example, the Georgette Klinger Spa can color and cut your hair, give you a manicure, arrange an appointment for you to have a nose job, and take you out to help you pick out some new suits; and all this in one day! The expertise and class of the staff here are truly the foundation of this pampering establishment.

The majority of men who come to this type of spa may be looking for manicures, haircuts, and natural looking color to take back a few years. This type of service produces a cleaner, better-maintained male image, “the metro-sexual male”. I enjoyed my experience at the Georgette Klinger Spa to such a great extent, I intend to go on using Angela Cosmai’s proven products and will recommend this spa to anyone who is looking for the best NYC has to offer.

Maintaining and perfecting male grooming is something that is a reality now more than ever. Looking good and feeling good is what its all about and to accomplish this in an efficient and high quality fashion is what male grooming is all about. Spa’s are a great way to treat oneself or gain an idea of how to get started maintaining a more well-groomed image. In the long run, beauty takes work and sacrifice, and what better way to enhance your image than through the efforts of high quality professionals!

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