The Perfect Shave In So Many Ways


The pantheon of men’s grooming can only be completely validated with the presence of The Art of Shaving Kit. The eponymous “four elements of a perfect shave” process is a succinct, portable, and professional shave experience in a box complete with the entire palette of tools for the artisan shaver. The Ocean Kelp outfit has an aromatic masculinity infused with Italian bergamot, Bulgarian lavender, Tunisian neroli, and citrus complements — it’s nice to lighten the mood with such a perfunctory task ahead, if it were that. The first step, the pre-shave oil, lubricates and frees up stubble to create a smooth landing for the blade. The Shaving Cream is super concentrated, and with just a little water, it lathers up to a frenzy; even going against the grain, the soap and pre-shave oil push the blade along like it’s on a track, as the Badger Hair Brush strokes whiskers with the right attention. With every shave, the epidermis is striped away, thus, a master emollient needs to step in. The anti-inflammatory After Shave Lotion is sans alcohol, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and other agents that can be harmful to skin when absorbed. The experience was a stroke of genius with the right tools for the trade. Available at and finer retailers.


Calling all mavericks. The Art of Shaving’s luxury ensemble, The Lexington Collection, evokes the pathos of individualism based off of the titular street’s history. Lexington Avenue is a lone wolf because its iconic linearity doesn’t align with Manhattan’s original grid plan. Feeling too restricted by others’ guidelines, Lexington Avenue remains home to global companies and influencers of all varieties. And a perfect character to embody this spirit is Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide with its proprietary FlexBall technology. At first glance, The Lexington Collection Razor looks as if it was manufactured by a Defense Department contractor. I thought if I pushed something it might hover around the room. In other words, the engineering is impressive and truly manifests the razor’s intention. The blade head is agile, which moves along horizontal and vertical fulcrums like a joystick. If you move the blade around in your hand, it resembles a robotic head. FlexBall is Gillette’s prized test tube baby as the company has spent significant bank for its market presence. In continuing the company’s effort, the razor’s craftsmanship speaks to Gillette’s co-branded commitment to The Art of Shaving. The handle has an elegant urbanity, with a black, grey, and silver color scheme, a robust exterior, and an electroplated finish. Lexington’s razor is light to handle, but it has enough weight to let you know its serious — a true artifact for the Art of Shaving and Gillette apostle. Available at and finer retailers.


Even a lone wolf needs a place to hang. Insert, The Art of Shaving Lexington Collection’s Shaving Stand. Equally cultivated and refined as other Lexington Avenue’s kin, the Shaving Stand could be used as a door-stop with the weighty gravitas designed into it. It has a minimalist functionality and modern appeal with an anodized finish and has two places for a chosen razor and brush. If I were a razor, I’d want to live here. Available at and finer retailers.


In Art of Shaving’s continued partnership with Gillette, comes The Morris Park Collection. Like other Art of Shaving signature series, this iteration glorifies Morris Park, which hosted a spatter of America’s novel auto races back in the early twentieth century. The razor’s handle resurrects vintage auto races with an understated, retrofitted style and striped color coordination finished with chrome accents and a glazed veneer. The blade head can accommodate all Fusion and Fusion ProGlide razors for wherever your race is. Available at and finer retailers.


A lot of surfaces need a protective sealant from the elements, no different for your face. With all the work you’ve already put into your shaving routine, it’s time for your skin to keep what it deserves. The Art of Shaving’s Skin is a daily moisturizer multitasking as a sun repellent. Loaded with Eucalyptus and other essential and natural oils, it protects like a sunscreen but wears like a lotion. With SPF 15 blocking your face, it’s a natural segue from post-shave to preservation.

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