Top 6 Pics From Head To Toe For Men This July

Everyone wise knows that it’s not all swim trunks and tank tops for summer. Beach bums have to think about what to wear to a party, gala, or fundraiser, on date night and all of the activities that occur when the sun starts to set. Here are this July’s Metro Man picks from head to toe.


From the inventors of the bowler hat, Lock & Co. Hatters from Great Britain, my pick this season are the fedoras or straw hats — a summer necessity. With selections like the Classic Panama, the Folder Panama, Boater and Madeira, you are bound to make a statement anywhere under the sun. It will also keep you cool and helps protect the face from UV rays. This is a must-have for the dog days of summer. “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.” — Noel Coward.

Check them out here:


One of my favorite, longstanding and tailor-made shirts comes from a company called Second Button. With intricate details and a fit perfectly sculpted to a man’s body, these shirts rock the physique and look incredible for casual or formal gatherings. I am huge admirer of their white cotton collection with detailed cuffs and collars, but check out all of their styles, fabrics and colors for the summer. The website will walk you through the easy ways to measure for a perfect fit. Or make an appointment. Sheer perfection.

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I love the ties from KorBáta. This company from Guatemala creates some of the most original neckwear for men this season. Here is the back-story: Two entrepreneurs with a shared love for their country, the Mayan culture and Guatemalan art, joined forces. They started a small artisan project and named the company KorBáta. (Corbata in Spanish is necktie). The outcome sustains Guatemala’s rich weaving history and providing work for those in rural areas of the country. The fabrics and patterns make a statement and turn heads. They are completely original.

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Now, you might not think of wool for summer but washable wools are the way to go for casual wear. Makers & Riders offer some of the most incredible garments for men; they not only fit perfectly but keep their shape after washing and wearing. They were chosen this season for their adaptability to the elements from the backyard to the beach to hiking a mountain — in other words they are perfect for the traveling adventurer who never sits still.

Read more here:


SOS by Bernard Buie give an interesting, sexie and protecting twist on the male boxer. The form fitting and flattering undergarment has a hidden pocket for a condom. When things heat up, this garment for sexually active males will help aid in the prevention of many unwanted things. They call it the “LifeSaver Boxer Brief”. It’s on the list as a one of the most imaginative and useful garments of summer sizzle.

Visit here:!whatwedo/c240r


For that added element of surprise in your summer attire, I suggest K. Bell Socks. This collection of original patterns runs the gamut from patriotic to whimsical to awesome. They go with shoes or sneakers and create a pop of your personality. I am a fan of their American themed patterns, palm trees, and colors in the style of cubism. Cuff your pants up for visibility. You will enjoy the reaction you get.

Buy them here and pick up a pair or 20 for gifts:

Enjoy the season, parties and picks this month.

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