Top 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas According to Dad’s Personality


Father’s day is Sunday, June 21rst this year. We decided to celebrate all Dads for their individuality so we compiled a list of gift ideas that compliment your Father’s personality. Following are this year’s gift ideas.


The Music Lover: We discovered SOUL Headphones recently and they are awesome with great sound and wireless. They operate off the Bluetooth system and the multiple ear buds fit every ear. Testing taught us that you have to insert them correctly for the best full sound and they won’t fall out during exercise. It took seconds to hook up with an iPhone and the tunes were playing. This set is perfect for runners, bikers or guys who like to listen to music during their commute. The set comes with a carrying case and USB charger. We tested it and you get approximately 8 hours of tunes before recharging.

Check them out here:


Dapper Dad: For the man in your life who takes pride in his appearance, we suggest OROGOLD 24K Men’s Collection. Made in the U.S.A, this line of skin care contains 25K gold imported from Italy. We tested the 24K Men’s Deep Pore Cleanser, Facial Serum, After Shave Balm and Moisturizer. All products helped improve the appearance of our skin. This luxury line has a scent that is very masculine and under the influence of gold, they state that it helps the skin improve its firmness and leaves the complexion clean, clear and refreshed. This is our recommendation for the Dad who is worth his weight in gold. It’s only available at fine department stores and online.

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Gourmet Eater: Carnivore Club is a great gift idea for the Dad who enjoys charcuterie. Each month a box with new selections of dried meats will arrive at home. They are hand-made by artisans from around the globe. We tried the Mole Salami with ancho chili powder, cocoa and oregano. The tasty pork sausage is given pairing ideas from the brochure that comes with each delivery. We also enjoyed the Sweet Coppa made from Central Italy and the Turkish Salami. The Pancetta Americano is similar to bacon and could be used to season soups, sauces and other dishes.

They are running a Father’s Day Special.

Read here:


Pop Jock: If your Dad likes to workout we suggest the Men’s Quantum Short-Sleeve T-shirt by Eddie Bauer. They claim it’s the world’s only sweat-activated venting system. The shirt is perforated in specific areas. The polymers expand to lift open critical airflow channels as the pace climbs, and then close when the body cools and sweat evaporates. Laser-cut patterns aid cooling process and are placed specifically where venting is most needed on a male body. The fabric wicks moisture so the athlete stays dry and odor free. We tried it during a hiking trip and it works.

Here is the link:


Meat & Potato Guy: If your guy is a steadfast meat and potato kind of man, you cannot go wrong with Omaha Steaks. This purveyor of steaks and meats has been celebrating Father’s Day for decades. It’s practically their biggest holiday because men enjoy this gift so much. This year they are offering a special Father’s Day offer that will arrive on time and packed in dry ice. Dad will be ready to grill up two T-Bone Steaks or Filet Mignon. We recommend the choice with Omaha Steak Hamburgers and Hot Dogs for a backyard BBQ with the kids. We also suggest that you include the gift box with the seasoning packet — it flavors the steak perfectly before grilling.

Place your order here:


Pop Goes The Wine Cork: Musician and singer Dave Matthews has teamed up with a celebrated Sonoma County winemaker. The partnership is The Dreaming Tree wines and they offer various wines for every taste, dish pairing and celebration. We recommend the Cabernet Sauvignon. If Dad is fan of DMB, the band is touring this summer across the states with many concert stops. Perhaps include tickets with your selection of wine.

See more here:


The Gentleman & Gamer: If your Dad likes games and puzzles, we just found Tavern Puzzles. This will take him away from the electronics for a while. Based in Long Island, the puzzles are reproductions of the type of ones traditionally forged by blacksmiths to amuse their friends at country taverns and inns. They come in several levels of difficulty and we are still working on the one above called Smarty Pants. They are perfect for the Father who likes a good challenge and a great conversation piece.

Check them out here:

Happy shopping and Father’s Day.

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