Top Gear + Technology for Travel this Fall

Whether your boss is sending you to the corporate office in Peoria or your spouse is insisting on an Alaskan cruise, you are in luck this fall. I discovered some amazing apparel that will make your travels more comfortable, technologically stylish and pick-pocket free. Check this out!

Ministry of Supply (MOS) was created at MIT in 2010. Technology meets style with this attire. Their mission is to create business apparel of the future. For example, their Apollo 2 Dress Shirt originated from spacesuits. This moisture wicking shirt features NASA PCM. This allows the business traveler to arrive fresh and ready for the meeting or presentation without having to change at the hotel or worse yet, in an office bathroom.

The MOS Atlas Performance Dress Socks are coffee-infused dress socks that work like a Brita filter to keep feet fresh. That may sound crazy but they work and your feet remain dry, odor-free and super comfortable.

Pushing the envelope on style with technology makes Ministry of Supply the smartest fashion coming down the runway this fall.

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Cargo Pants with a Purpose.

I’ve witnessed petty thievery during my travels over the years. Adam Rapp, creator of P^cubed® apparel, also had an experience where he almost lost his wallet to a pick-pocket punk.

This was his “eureka moment” to create clothing for travelers by travelers. The cotton-nylon cargo pants are designed to keep you looking good but also in control of your possessions while on your journey.

With all of the buttons, zippers and compartments, it was a little daunting to figure out how to use these pants at first. However, after a few attempts, I realized that this style was not only flattering but also resourceful. They are comfortable, easy to wash and keep your documents, money and valuables safe.

Checkout and make a purchase.

With the temperatures dipping, how will you keep your hands warm with all that texting and tweeting that you do on an minute-by-minute basis? I have the solution:

These gloves are made with a premium wool blend that is very soft. The InvisitouchTM technology allows you to text, type, serf and operate your portable technology – without finger pads or plastic nibs. These gloves look and feel like regular gloves. They also come with hidden magnets in their logo so you can attach them and never lose one. I deem this a must-have for your travels this season.

Check out at

For more travel products this fall, please see my article “Grooming for Fall Travel” in the Metro Man section.

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