Uncommon Must-haves for Men: Dollar Shave Club, Case and Pikolinos


There’s no shortage of awesome men’s fashion and accessories. Some of the coolest items offer a bit more in the way of style, convenience and their overall worth, making them relatively uncommon.

Shake up some bare necessities in your life, guys!

Here is the latest from Dollar Shave Club, Case and Pikolinos.

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A common thread among all men is the regular, or occasional, need to shave. What is less common is convenience or value when stocking up on quality shaving utilities. The harrowing experience of what seems like being swindled at the store for razor blades can be avoided thanks to Dollar Shave Club. Gentlemen now have everything you need to achieve a solid shave sent right to your home or office. Set up a regular shipment & receive them as often as you like. It’s not just about razors — there’s plenty of additional items: shave butter, post shave repair serum, brushes, etc. Over time you are saving yourself some serious cash and relieving yourself of a once routine hassle.

Join the club! Pay Dollar Shave Club a visit at http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/

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Double down on an accessory with incredible edge – literally and figuratively. This could have belonged to James Bond in Casino Royale, the Case Card Suit Trapper Knife. Etched into the smooth, natural bone trappers are an image series of card suit themes. While knives are always a handy accessory, drawing out a royal flush or an ace of spades knife definitely heightens your cool factor. At 4 ½ inches long, it features two blades, one finer and that comes to a sharp point.

These can be purchased at Case distributors around the US. Read more here: http://www.wrcase.com/dealer/locator.php

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Pikolinos does a fine job of designing sharp and masculine weekender bags that you can really pack to the max. It’s the summer, and not every trip takes you away from home for a week or more. Pack your clothes for a quick getaway and leave straight from the office (oh yeah, you can fit your paperwork in here too). Composed of soft, sturdy leather, the Bolos MHA bag designs are as versatile as they are uncommonly cool. The calf leather’s casual nature reads as a quintessential New York staple. To make it even more of a New York thing, make sure it is always weekend ready with a couple of outfits packed and waiting.

Pick up these and check out their shoes at licensed retailers including Executive Leather in Manhattan or visit http://www.pikolinos.com/

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