Votary Scarves: American-Made Warmth, Style & Patriotism – Dressing up menswear with a twist on Old Glory


Even though we’re projected to have an early spring this year, there are plenty of cold days ahead. Those signature Burberry scarves or your preferred plaid or plain neck warmer are fine to make a conservative statement, however, for a somewhat bolder look, with a very American twist, I recommend Votary scarves of NYC.

This company offers a collection of luxurious, thick scarves that keep men (and women) warm while adding a domestic flair to your attire — several patterns are designed with their trademark American flavor.

Traditionally the neck scarf was an essential accessory for the female wardrobe. However, over the past several years this garment has exploded into menswear. More and more men are sporting neck scarves in various eye-catching patterns and colors — they are functional and fashionable.

Votary is known for their American flag print scarves that are on the thicker end of the spectrum, and are fully knit and oversized; these scarves are not to be ignored. The material itself is as soft as merino wool and the plushness of the scarf is at least double the thickness of your average scarf. There are many different color schemes featuring the American flag print (the grey and black color scheme is understated cool personified) and there are some other desirable prints as well, such as a pixelated “Tabernacle” scarf, and the triangular “Sansom” scarf.

I often find myself utilizing a scarf as an add-on to my outfit, but what’s fun about these scarves is that you can build an outfit around them. When you’re wearing an American flag around your neck, you don’t really need to “peacock” the rest of your outfit.

Votary has a collection of scarves beyond their menswear line, I recommend that you check out their women’s line too for scarves and blankets — the patriotic theme is unisex.

I give these scarves a 21-gun salute!

Check out the full product line at http://www.Votaryny.com.

Photos provided by Votary.

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