What is your Enviro-type?


Over the course of the last eight months, I had the opportunity of traveling to 11 countries and 40 different cities around the world. I traveled light, limiting my possessions to what I could fit into a backpack, and slept in accommodations ranging from five-star hotels to tents and open beaches. When spacing and time became an issue – which was often – and I was forced to choose between loads of products and canned tuna (my breakfast/lunch/dinner of vagabond choice), I, alas, was forced to go with the tuna, and survive off of a single bottle of two-in-one shampoo and conditioner and a similar two-in-one face and body wash.

Both products were specific to my own hair and skin type, and had worked satisfactorily up until then. However, as time passed and borders were crossed, I began to recognize a change. Depending on the climate I was in, which varied from tropical to tundra-like, my hair and skin would take on unusual attributes. My skin became dry and ashy in cold and urban environments while my hair would curl in tropical settings. My naà¯ve preconceived notion and reliance on type-customized products were tested over and over again, finally bringing me to a somewhat obvious conclusion: if you plan to treat and protect your body based solely on its internal make-up and ignore the entire world outside of it, you may as well go live in a bubble. It is your outside environment that most directly affects your skin and hair, so why not treat and protect them accordingly. Back in the States, I was very glad when I ran into a company that did just that.

Solavie, a uniquely designed line of beauty products, provides care for hair and skin based on specific environmental conditions and the problems they may cause. Pamela Rae, hair/skin care expert and owner of Solavie Spa Retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho, developed this revolutionary product line in 2003. The line has products tailored to six different enviro-types: Mountains, Urban, Tropics, Shore, Plains, and Desert. This approach has been proven more efficient than products formulated to treat particular hair/skin types. The concept for this system was inspired by that of plant life. Nature protects plant life from different environments with phyto-nutrients, which are adapted for survival in their specific ecosystem. In the same way, potent anti-oxidants in Solavie treat cellular imbalances and premature aging.

Since Solavie’s simple system is based on enviro-type it does not require skin or hair analysis. It works equally well for men and women, as well as on any skin or hair type, and is particularly convenient for frequent travelers and gym-goers. Using fewer, better-integrated products, Solavie’s One With Nature system makes taking care of your hair/skin a simple two-step process – wash and nourish.

Each enviro-type line includes a face wash and nourish, body nourish, a hair/body wash and a hair nourish/style. Living in Manhattan during the winter, I was eager to try their Urban body nourish. I spend a lot of time outdoors and the cold dry wind does a number on my skin, leaving it dry and cracking. I found the urban body nourish to be light with a clean organic subtle scent. It did not leave me feeling greasy; moments after application it disappears into the skin. After several uses, I began to notice a positive change in my skins ability to withstand the cold harsh touch of a New York Winter.

The unique yin/yang design of the bottle allows any two products to be joined together in one compact unit for easy packing – no more bulging toiletry bags filled with leaky containers. Also, the rigid side-wall structure prevents bursting during travel.

If simplicity is your thing, then Solavie is your product, wherever you are and wherever you may travel. Some of Solavie’s admirers include Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts, and Hugh Jackman. Now, that is a pretty impressive list!

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